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[Name this fallacy] everybody's going to the system of a down concert

Bandwagon appeal


Bandwagon appeal

- makes claim that everybody is doing this and thinking that.
- if we dont want to be left out, we have to get on the bandwagon and do think the same things.
- belonging in the same group or behaving like the majority. It plays on our fears on being different or being excluded.


[Name this fallacy] I saw Ralph in the courthouse; he must have been arrested.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc


[Name this fallacy] Just two weeks after they raised the speed limit, three people were killed on that road.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc


[Name this fallacy] She's so pretty she must not be smart.

Non Sequitur


[Name this fallacy] Discrimination in hiring is not unfair. An employer has to discriminate between competent and incompetent, good and bad workers. Otherwise, we'd be hiring people least qualified for the job.

Straw man


[Name this fallacy] If you haven't written short stories, you shouldn't be criticizing them.

Begging the question


Faulty use of Authority.

occurs when someone who is an expert in one area is used as an authority for another unrelated area.


[Name this fallacy] Americans shouldn't find hunting objectional because one of our most popular presidents. Theodore Roosevelt, was an avid hunter.

Faulty use of Authority.


[Name this fallacy] Bank robbers should be punished because they break the law.

Circular reasoning


steps in deliberation

- consider each of the writer's claims and main points
- think like a critic
- find a way to respond that defines your own position on the issue.


[Name this fallacy] High school students don't learn anything these days. Today's teachers are academically underprepared.

Ad Populum Argument


[Name this fallacy] Guns kills. So we cannot allow the average citizen to possess a weapon.

Dicto Simpliciter


[Name this fallacy] We cannot except Ms. Luscas to know what it means to feel oppressed; she is a president of a large bank.

ad hominem argument


[Name this fallacy] Susan didn't hire Jhon for the job because his wife is always late for meetings.

Red herring


[Name this fallacy] This whole gun control issue is polarizing the nation the way slavery did people living above and below the Mason-Dixon Line. Do we want another Civil War?

False analogy


ad hominem argument

"to the man" (latin). It is a personal attack on the opponent on the opponent's views.
- Example - name calling, character assassination, and personal criticism.


[Name this fallacy] I'm failure organic chemistry because the teaching assistant doesn't speak English well.

Hasty Generalization



is a way to arrive at your own position on a particular issue.


A sound analogy will

clarify a difficult or unfamiliar concept by4 comparing it with something easily understood or familiar.


[Name this fallacy] This book was w2ritten by a Stanford professor, so it must be good.

Hasty Generalization


Circular reasoning

- in it the conclusion of a deductive argument is hidden in the premise of that argument.
- Argument goes in a circle.
- Repetition of key terms and ideas is not evidence.


[Name this fallacy] the majority of the American people want a constitutional amendment outlawing flag burning

Bandwagon appeal


You can't begin deliberation until you have

comparing listen to and reflected on the complexities of each issue involved.



- compares two things that are alike in one or more ways.
- they expand meaning and demonstrate imagination.


[Name this fallacy] we cannot take four more years of her in office, given the way she voted against the death penatly

Staking the Deck


[Name this fallacy] Letting emerging nation have nuclear weapons is like giving loaded guns to children.

False analogy


[Name this fallacy] home schooling is dangerous because it keeps kids isolated from society.

Straw man


[Name this fallacy] Egnlish should be the official language of United States, and anybody who doesn't like it can leave.

False dilemma


[Name this fallacy] If torture can save the lives of those who would be killed by terrorists, then the government should employ torture as a preemptive measure of protection.

Dicto Simpliciter