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Account for

1 ammontare a

Ex: cases of divorces accounted for 65% of those that our firm handled last year

2 spiegare, fornire le ragioni

You will have to account for your illegal behaviour


To act on

Take action

Ex: the public prosecutor refused to act on appeal of the company takeover


To answer for

To be held responsible for a problem

Ex: she will have to answer for the many crimes she has committed


To answer to

Rispondere, render me conto a qualcuno

Ex: the new trainee has to answer to the partner in charge


To apply for

To formally request something

Ex: we need to apply for planning permission to build a garage


To apply to

To affect (riguarda, colpisce)

Ex: the new directive applies to all EU nationals who fall within the scope of the EC treaty


To bail (someone) out

Pagare la cauzione (per qualcuno)

Ex: Melanie's family paid £ 500 to bail her out


To be out

To be absent from a place

Ex: I'm out at the moment


To be up to

To be enough good

Ex: none of the applications were up to our standards


To bring (a lawsuit, charges) against

To beginning a court case

Ex: The police say they are planning to bring charges against him


To bring about

To make something happen (cagionare, causare)

Ex: The Greenhouse effect has brought about a huge amount of environmental damage


To bring down

To reduce

Ex: The Firm will bring down the cost of The litigation


To buy out

Acquisire, rilevare

Ex: they managed to agree on buying out The German subsidiary.


To call back

Richiamare (al telefono)

Ex: i need to call my lawyer back


To call by

To visit someone

Ex: I'll call by your Office so that we can proofread the report together


To call for

To demand

Ex: this case call for urgent measures


To call off

To cancel

Ex: I'm afraid i'll have to cancel our appointment


To call (someone) up

To telephone

Ex: can you call him up to tell him that I'll be 10 minutes late?


to carry out

to perform an activity

ex: we will check whether they have carried out the work to the correct standard


to cash in

to convert shares, bonds or other documents into money

ex: she has finally decided to cash in her insurance policy


to catch up


ex: the 10 new European Union member states that joined the EU will have to catch up fast on EU targets


to charge with

1 to state officially that someone may be guilty of a crime (accusare)

Ex: they charged him with murder

2 incaricare qualcuno

Ex: the committee has been charged with enforcing the protocol


to check in

to register on arriving at hotel or at the airport

ex: the first thing you should do when you get to the hotel is check in


to check out

to pay the bill when leaving the hotel

ex: you can pay for your room when you check out


to close down

to close a shop,a business permanently

ex: they closed down many travel agencies after the terroris attacks


to come across

imbattersi in qualcosa

ex: in our daily life we may come across situations which requires legal advice


to come before (the court)

apparire in giudizio

ex: the defendant will come before the court to mount a defence to the charge of defamation


to come into

entrare in possesso di qualcosa, ereditare

ex: she expected to come into a fortune but she didn't


to come to

to reach

ex: the judge has come to his conclusion based on the evidence before him


to cut down on

to reduce spending

ex: many companies have decided to cut down on legal expenses