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goal of tumor surgery

diagnosis, tumor removal


What is the purpose of pituitary tumor removal

for cure or relief of symptoms of mass effect


Sx of mass effect

headache, vision loss, pituitary hormone dysfunction, cranial nerve abnormalities


•What tumors are appropriate for surgery

All pituitary tumors EXCEPT prolactin secreting tumors. Tumors that secrete both prolactin and growth hormone generally are candidates for surgical intervention


methods for removal of pituitary tumor

transnasal microscopic works along the axis of the tumor, under the optic nerves. Transnasal endoscopic


transnasal microscopic

Don’t have a wide field of view,


transnasal endoscopic

used for more skull based fractures, wider view, more destructive, can look in more directions than the microscope so you can ensure that you remove the whole tumor


risk of pituitary surgery

1. post operative CSF leak. 2. Diabetes insipidus. 3. Injury to optic nerve. 4. injury to carotid artery (stroke). 5. Injury to pituitary gland. 6. infections (chronic sinusitis or meningitis)


How is post operative CSF leakage treated

Requires placement of spinal drain with increased hospital stay to 4-5 days.


Treatment of post operative diabetes insipidus

DDAVP- but this is usually transiet