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Convection currents cause plates to interact at plate boundaries. High levels of stress build up and are eventually released, resulting in earthquakes.


Mid-Plate Earthquakes

1. Old plate boundaries e.g. China.
2. Isostatic rebound e.g. Canada.
3. Tropical cyclones.


Man-Made Earthquakes

1. Dams: Singchuan 2008.
2. Mining: Newcastle, Australia 1989.
3. Fracking: Lancashire.
4. Tall buildings: Taipai 101.


Earthquake Anatomy

The origin of the earthquake is called the focus/hypocentre.
The 3 categories of depth are shallow (0-70km), intermediate (70-300km), and deep (300-700km).
The point on the surface directly above the origin is the epicentre.


Seismic Waves

Waves of energy released by the rupture of rock strata at the hypocentre, travelling outwards in all directions. There are two types; P waves and S waves.