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Porphyria’s lover-
Porphyria is a hereditary disease symptoms include mental disturbances and sensitivity to light

Porphyria’s lover-


Porphyria’s lover-
The only line which breaks the iambic tetrameter which is symbolic of his heart breaking
Suggests he knows he will kill her and mourns her before she’s gone he can’t stop himself because of mental reasons
Suggests real feelings for her

Porphyrias lover
I listened with a heart fit to break


Porphyria’s lover-
Personification of wind
Foreshadows how he will kill porphyria out of spite

Porphyria’s lover
‘It tore the elm tops down for spite’


Porphyria’s lover-
Repetition shows his obsession for her hair
Foreshadows the end of the poem

‘Her yellow hair’


Porphyria’s lover-
Suggests he still thinks of himself as her romantic lover and not her murderer
‘It’s’ Objectifies porphyria

‘And I it’s love’


Neutral tones
Gives the poem and emotionless feeling
Connotations of bland colours which reflects how only ‘white’ ‘grey’ and ‘greyish’ are used in the poem

Title- neutral tones


Neutral tones-
Contrast of pronouns that have connotations of togetherness at the start to pronouns that symbolise solitude at the end shows how the breakup happened naturally without any direct speech

Start ‘we’ ‘us’
End ‘you’ ‘I’


Neutral tones
Symbolism of how everything is bare with no leaves to cover it including their emotions
Sibilance and personification of the grassed earth

‘Few leaves lay on the starving sod’


Neutral tones-
Juxta position of a positive and negative thing doesn’t makes sense which symbolises how the couple don’t make sense

‘The smile on your mouth was the deadest thing’


Neutral tones
He will find it hard to love anyone else again because he is skeptical of how he could be head over heels for someone like that
Suggests an affair

‘Love deceives’


When we two parted
A phrase which doesn’t make sense and cannot stand alone
It’s vague because this was a real affair and he cannot give too many details
This draws us in

When we two parted- title


When we two parted-
That morning he knew something wasn’t right
‘Dew’ is a metaphor, dewy mornings are the sign of the beginning of winter

‘The dew of the morning’


When we two parted
Alliteration of ‘sh’ symbolise secrecy
He feels guilty as he wasn’t found out but she was and her marriage possibly ended

‘Share in its shame’


When we two parted
‘Knell’ is a bell at funeral services which symbolises death of relationship
However this is a hyperbole nobody has actually died- he is known for sleeping around and knew that it wouldn’t last

‘A knell to mine ear’


When we two parted
He feels he has been cheated on which is ironic as he’s had an affair

‘Thy spirit deceive’


The farmers bride-
Simile which symbolises the death of their love, rejection and coldness

Like the shut of a winters day


The farmers bride-
‘Fast’ means secure
Hunted like prey and locked up like a mad person which links to how the poet family had a history of insanity
‘Fast’ is locked up by a comma and a full stop

‘Turned the key upon her fast’


The farmers bride-
Simile to describe her, sounds vulnerable and attractive
Symbolises how she has strong roots with nature

‘Straight and slight as a young larch tree’


The farmers bride-
Repetition of hair shows how he is now becoming out of control which contrasts to how he has told the rest of the poem orderly
Shows his physical need
‘Brown’ is an animal description

‘The brown of her- her eyes her hair, her hair, her hair!’


The farmers bride-
Connotations of newly wedded and unused why isn’t she a wife
Could link to the pact the poet made with her sister never to have children for fear of passing on insanity



Love’s philosophy
Rhetorical questions at the end of each stanza are reptile of the same idea
They are monosyllabic which could symbolise the situations simplicity- she should be with him

Why not I with thine?

If though kiss not me?


Loved philosophy-
Personification of the waves has a feeling of urgency and desperation
Clasp has a connotation of protecting a person

‘And the waves claps one another’


Loves philosophy
Religious language which makes her not being with him sound unforgivable
It means no flower would stand alone while surrounded by others- it doesn’t make sense
Less physical/ sexual description than the others

‘No sister flower would be forgiven’


Singh song-
Shows he is childish and his father still is in control

‘one Ov my daddy’s shops’


Singh song-
Shows she has western culture
The words are monosyllabic which imitates her heel
The harsh alliteration of the h’s gives the impression she is impatient

‘High heel tap di ground’


Singh song-
Suggests she runs a dating site
This portrays her as rebellious because it contrasts to a Indian tradition of arranged marriage
However it could possibly mean she is using the site to flirt with other men

‘Her Sikh lover site’


Singh song-
Could symbolise prison bars which emphasises how they are unable to leave and the father is controlling
However they seem unaware they are trapped as they ‘stare right past’

‘From behind di chocolate bars’


Winter swans
Personification of earth Symbolises clogged up emotions
Alliteration of ‘g’ sounds guttural which conveys how they find it hard to talk like a stammer

‘Waterlogged earth gulping for breath’


Winter swans
This metaphor is effective
There is much more below the surface than above on an iceberg
White feathers were a sign of cowardice in ww1

Icebergs of white feather


Winter swans
Slow stepping sounds like their walking precariously, links to treading on eggshells or could suggest dancing
Sibilance helps you to almost hear their shoes

‘Slow stepping in the lakes shingle and sand’