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What is 'I being born a woman' about?

A woman describing her feelings after a night of passion, explaining hoe she acted out of instinct and has no desire to ever meet again


What form is 'I being born a woman'?

A petrarchan sonnet


What happens in line 9 of 'I being born a woman'?

There is a clear volta with the tone becoming more blunt


What are the three key themes of the poem?

Contrast between the old and the new, position of women in relationships and head vs heart


What happens to the language of the poem as it goes on?

It becomes less formal and more assertive


What is love and a question about?

A stranger arrived at the house of a couple on their wedding night, asking for shelter. The groom then questions, what is more important, charity or marriage?


What does the quote 'Wished her heart in a case of gold and pinned with a silver pin' mean?

It shows a selfish, possessive and objectifying form of love


What does 'a quoi bon dire' mean?

Whats the good of saying


What happens in a quoi bon dire?

The speaker addresses a lover who they believe to still be alive however it is revealed that they are dead, the speaker then comments on the continuation of love throughout the generations


What significance does the title have?

It is ironic because the person it is intended for is dead but it is said anyway


What elements of love are examined in a quoi bon dire?

The idea of love transcending death and generations


What is meeting point about?

A couple meet in a coffee shop and their love is so intense that it makes time stop


What effect does the repetition of the first line of each stanza have?

A frozen feeling of time slowing down


What does the contrast between the mundane setting and the depth of emotion communicated show?

A stereotypical British approach to love, strong but repressed feeling


What happens in the 3rd stanza?

Nature triumphs over the mechanical, the bell becomes a flower


Which quote can be linked to wuthering heights?

2 people with 1 pulse - I am heathcliff


What happens in the poem one flesh?

A daughter examines the death of her parents love in their old age


What does the phrase 'Too little feeling - or too much' show?

Shows a fear of expressing emotion


How can the title be interpreted?

As biblical imagery, an ironic reference to wedding vows. Alternatively one flesh could refer to the daughter existing as the combination of her parents


How does the final section create uncertainty?

It ends on a question


What does the narrative perspective of the poem show?

It is from an outside perspective and could be wrong. How does Jennings know what happens in her parents bed at night


What happens in for my lover returning to his wife?

A mistress reflects on her lover and his wife, contrasting herself and the wife


What form is the poem?

Confessional poetry, honest and intimate


What is the main way to link this to wuthering heights?

Its examination of marriage and love within and outside of marriage


What form of imagery is used throughout the poem?

Artistic imagery which suggests a theme of objectification and romanticism


What happens in the poem punishment?

The speaker examines the preserved body of a woman and links it to killings in Ireland


Cast the stones of silence

Biblical allusion. Links to religious nature of troubles


Connive in civilised outrage

Even if you think you're civilised you aren't above tribalism. Links to hindley's disownment of Isabella