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Define world population.

World population is the total population of humans on planet Earth.


Define overpopulation.

A nation is overpopulated if a rise in the population would cause a fall in average income, as the economic resources of the nation are not able to withstand such an increase.


Define optimum population.

A nation has an optimum population if it has the size of population that its economic resources can be maintained.


Define under-population.

A nation is under-populated if a ride in the population would cause a rise in the average income, as the economic resources are under utilised and could be brought into production, if population was higher.


Define participation rate.

Participation rate is the percentage of active population (employed or unemployed).


Define dependency ratio.

Dependency ratio is the ratio of the dependant population (children up to the age of 16 and pensioners) to the work force of the country.


Define internal migration.

Internal migration is migration within a nation.


Define net migration.

Net migration is the difference between the outward migration (emigration) and inward migration (immigration).


Define emigration.

Emigration is the number of people who leave a country permanently.


Define immigration.

Immigration is the number of people who enter the country permanently.


Define demographics.

Demographics is the statistical study of population characteristics.