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What two factors does the environment include. Give examples

Abiotic - non living - temp and rainfall

Biotic - living - competition and predators


What is an ecosystem

a community, and all the non living factors within it


What’s the two major processes to consider within an ecosystem

The flow of energy through the system

The cycling of elements within the system


What’s a population

A group of individuals of one species that occupy the same habitat at the same time and are potentially able to interbreed


what can vary the size of a population

The effect of abiotic factors

Interactions between organisms


What is a community

All the populations of different species living and interacting in a particular place at the same time


What is a habitat

The place where an organism lives


What is a niche

the role of a species within its habitat


What is the competitive exclusion principle

No two species can occupy the same niche