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What is poultry

All birds including chicken, traditionally farmed for consumption
Chicken, turkey, duck goose


What is a game bird

Wild birds hunted for eating, although many are now raised in captivity
Duck pheasant, quail, pigeon


Whata re the quality points for fresh poultry

Plump breat
pliable breast bone
firm flesh
unbroken white skin with a faint bluish tint, no stickiness
Fresh smell


What are the quality points for frozen poultry

No ice buildup
No pink ice (thawed and refrozed)
No freezer burn (dry discolored flesh
Freeflow portions


What are the bacteria associtated with poultry

Salmonella, campylobacter, Yesiniaa enterocolitica


how do you destroy bacteria in poultry

Ensure that the internal temperature reaches 75c at the thcikest part of the thigh


hwo do you prevent cross contamination with chicken juices

contain juice when storing
use a designated chopping board (yello) and gloves when preparing
clean and sanitize all contact surfaces and equipment after handling


Considerations when defrosting chicken

Deep sided trays on teh lowest shelf in the fridge
never defrost under running water
partially defrosted birds may not reach the required internal temperature to destroy bacteria


How do you store fresh chickens

cover poultry, label and date, place on lowest shelf in the fridge for a max of 2 days


How do you store frozen chicken

Ensure packaging is intact, store up to 3 months at -18c


how do you store Cooked chicken

1 hour maximum at room temperature
keep hot > 60c
cool quickly, cover, label & date, store at <4c in the fridge, above raw food


What are the different ways to prepare chicken

Raw chicken cuts
Saute cuts
asian cuts
Supreme, breast & cleaned wing bone to the first joint
Ballontine, tunnel boned leg.

Trussing a bird - to shape for cooking

Spatchcock style - flattened poultry suitable to grill or roast