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How would you put together a set of tender documents?

In accordance with JCT practice note 6. Include:
i. ITT (Invitation to tender letter)
ii.Instruction to tenderers:
Date and time for return,
Site visits,
2. Scoring matrix (quality/ price), confirmation of receipt
iii. Conditions of proposed contract
iv. Prelims, Pricing doc (SOR, BOQ)
v. Specification
vi. Drawings
vii. ERs
viii. CPs
ix. Pre-construction H&S information
x. Form of tender
xi. Submission of bona fide tender
xii. Return envelope


What information would the instructions to tenders contain?

a) Date for return
b) Address to return to
c) Site visit details
d) Programme length
e) Confirmation of receipt of documents
f) How tender should be submitted


What is the form of tender?

A pre printed formal statement in which the tenderer fills in the blank spaces
He provides his name, address and the sum of money for which he offers to carry out the works


How did you decide which contractors to go out to?

Following the expression of interest and PQQ


What is a preliminary enquiry letter and what would you include?

1 month before tendering, send out tender enquiry letter to ascertain whether firms are willing to submit a bona fida tender


What would you include in the pre-qualification questionnaire?

b) Turnover
c) Previous relevant experience and references
d) Company accounts
e) Personnel
f) Management and organizational structure
g) Health and safety records
h) Quality systems and environmental policy
i) Provision of bonds / warranties / PCG


How many contractors would you include on a tender list?

Refer to the Code of Procedure-
Depends on the size of the project-
BUT as the cost of tendering is high it is common to limit the lists to 4-6


When seeking tenders for construction work, in addition to the actual fee bid, what information would clients typically expect to be submitted?

Track record of previous experience
b) Proposed team
c) CVs or team profiles
d) Methodology or approach
e) References
f) Programme


How did you decide the number of tenderers for the project?

If D&B, have less tenderers (say 2 or 3) due to cost and time implications; contractors would like to think they had a good chance in return for their capital outlay


How to decide tender period?

Ask in PQQ process
PTE can advise


Factors affecting tender period?

Design quality and stage
Complexity of project


What was included in your ITT for the cost criteria?

65% for cost


What does your ITT look like and include?

Instruction to Tender
Form of Tender
Project Overview
Contractual and Procurement Arrangements
Tender Documents
Key Dates
Tender Evaluation