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The medical assistant should attempt to answer all incoming telephone calls:
a. within 30 seconds.
b. by the third ring.
c. by the second ring.
d. within 10 seconds.

by the third ring


Changing the voice pitch to avoid a monotonous tone that implies boredom is called:
a. volume.
b. inflection.
c. diction.
d. pronunciation.



Active immunity is best obtained by:
a. maternal antibodies acquired by the baby from breast milk.
b. producing antibodies as a result of having a disease.
c. maternal antibodies passed from the mother to the baby in the womb.
d. immunization with antibodies.

producing antibodies as a result of having a disease


The growth hormone is produced by the:
a. thyroid.
b. thymus.
c. pituitary.
d. hypothalamus.



Which of the following is TRUE regarding the appointment book?
a. It should be treated as a legal document
b. Cancellations are deleted from the book if they reschedule
c. No-shows should be erased since they did not arrive for their appointment
d. The daily pages are shredded at the end of the day

It should be treated as a legal document

Due to occasional patient dismissals from medical practices, all records of patient appointments become evidence in medicolegal cases.


Which of the following statements is TRUE of appointment scheduling guidelines?
a. Walk-in patients are given priority ahead of patients who have been waiting
b. New patients should be scheduled for an abbreviated first visit just to get to know the physician
c. New patients are usually allotted more time than established patients
d. Regular patients are allotted more time than new patients

New patients are usually allotted more time than established patients


The standard margin used for a business letter is

1 inch


In a professional letter, the author's keyed signature is typed:

four lines below the complimentary closing


Tthe horizontal line on the ECG paper represents:



You would immediately report to the physician all the following EXCEPT:
a. premature atrial contractions (PAC)
b. ventricular tachycardia (V Tach)
c. bigeminy
d. ventricular fibrillation (V Fib)

premature atrial contractions (PAC)

Remember - PAC gets a pass!
V Tach, V Fib, and Bigeminy are all considered life threatening.


A picture of a heart with a lightning bolt in the center is a symbol for a(n):



What is the type of shock caused by severe allergic reaction?



Funds placed in a banking account are called a(n):



A list of procedural charges developed from fees charged by most of the physicians in the same region or geographic area is referred to as:
a. coordination of benefits.
b. explanation of benefits.
c. utilization review.
d. usual, customary, and reasonable.

usual, customary, and reasonable


The defense mechanism used when a person transfers negative feelings to something or someone unrelated to a negative situation is:
a. projection.
b. denial.
c. introjection.
d. displacement.



When communicating with pediatric patients:
a. Avoid allowing children to touch any medical equipment.
b. Use slang to help the child understand.
c. Always state the truth.
d. Position yourself at a higher level than the child.

Always state the truth


The microscopic examination of urine includes the:
a. presence of crystals.
b. pH of the urine.
c. glucose concentration in the urine.
d. specific gravity of the urine.

presence of crystals


Plasma is described as:
a. clear yellow liquid portion of blood.
b. 1% of whole blood that contains the white blood cells.
c. red part of the blood after centrifugation.
d. bottom layer of blood after centrifugation.

clear yellow liquid portion of blood


Failure to act when duty indicates, resulting in or causing harm, is referred to as:
a. nonfeasance.
b. standard of care.
c. misfeasance.
d. malfeasance.


Nonfeasance is failure to act when there was a duty to act, resulting in or causing harm. Malfeasance is performing an improper act that causes harm, and misfeasance is an improper performance of an act that causes harm. The standard of care is the quality or measure of care that is recognized as acceptable by usage.


Sexual harassment is addressed in:
a. the Healthcare Portability and Accountability Act.
b. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
c. the Civil Rights Act of 1965.
d. the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from sexual harassment and hostile work environment. The office of the EEOC has created guidelines on sexual harassment and the liability for the employer in regard to this.


The largest section in the CPT codes is:
a. E&M.
b. Surgery.
c. Radiology.
d. Medicine.



The primary coding manual for procedures and services performed by doctors in medical offices is commonly called:
b. DRG.
c. ICD.
d. CPT.

CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)


When a patient has a condition that is not provided for or covered under his or her health insurance benefits, it is called a(n):
a. exclusion.
b. deduction.
c. waiting period.
d. review.



What is the correct sequence for filing using reverse chronologic order?

When filing in reverse chronologic order, dates from present will be in front of previous year dates. For example, office visit entries from June of 2008 would be in front of visits from December 2006.


A preexisting condition is one that:

the patient had prior to obtaining health insurance


The medical record material is the property of:
a. patient's family.
b. health-care provider.
c. insurance company.
d. patient.

the health care provider


The term laparoscopy means:

inspection of the abdominal organs through a lighted scope


The suffix -ad means:



The term arteriostenosis means:

narrowing of an artery


Treating all blood and bodily fluids as contaminated is a standard enforced by:

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)