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What needs to be checked during pre-op visit? 

  • That preadmission assessment has occurred
  • That identified problems have been planned for and managed
  • Whether the patient’s condition has changed


What checks must be done before surgery can proceed? 

  • On which side of their body is the patient having what operation?
  • Has the patient signed the surgical consent form?
  • What are the regurgitation, aspiration and pneumonitis risks?
  • Do you anticipate difficulty ventilating or intubating?
  • Has prophylaxis against venothromboembolism been planned and executed?
  • Have risk-reducing medications been continued, e.g. statins, beta-blockers?
  • Is the patient warm?
  • Do they need antibiotic prophylaxis against surgical-site infection?
  • Is the patient happy to proceed with surgery and the anaesthetic you have detailed?