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What is a preposition?

A preposition is a word which shows the relation of one word to another. For example, "....the key is IN the car...." or "....the book is ON the table...."


Name 4 prepositions

1. In - فِي
2.On - عَلَىٰ
3. From - مِنْ
4. To - إِلَىٰ


Preposition rule rule 1

A preposition (حَرْفُ الْجَرِّ- called /harf ul ĵarr/ in Arabic) is a single letter or a word which connects two nouns, or a verb and a noun to form a sentence. It generally is showing the position of one word to another. It always precedes a word and never follows the word.


Preposition rule rule 2

A preposition always comes before a noun and it does not come before a verb.


Preposition rule rule 3

The noun following a preposition is changed from nominative case to genitive case. This means that the last letter of the word will be changed from a /đammah/ or /đammatain/ to a /kasrah/ or /kasratain/.


Preposition rule rule 4

The noun followed by a preposition is called /Maĵrūr/ مَجْرُورٌ which means the preposition has caused a change in its case (from nominative to genitive case) as mentioned in the previous rule.

The preposition has causes the last letter of تُ to change to تِ .


Preposition rule rule

When a proposition precedes an indefinite noun (e.g. "a house"), the noun is affected in the same way. As we learnt earlier, a noun which is indefinite takes two /đammahs/ (đammatain) and is also in the nominative case. The two /đammahs/ change to two /kasrahs/ (kasratain) when a preposition comes before the noun .