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Cervical Vertigo/Dizziness Rehabilitation

-cervical pain & dizziness allows for inhibition normal muscle activity & timing of contractions leading people to re-organize movement which leads to stress of inert tissue & increasing size of neural zone
*clinically seen with loss of eye focus, balance & proprioception of patients with neck pain
-summary: dizziness/pain leads to loss of motor control


Treatment principles specific to dizzy patients

-central sensitization
-monitor eyes
-patients are weak, anxious & under-rehabilitated
-balance & visual problems along with dizziness & neck pain
-extremely anxious patients!
-medical specialist: cardiology, ENT, co-treating vestibular therapist


General principles for treating dizzy patients

-approach may vary from idiopathic v. traumatic neck pain/dizziness
-rehabilitate early & as much pain/dizzy free as possible
-prevention of severe dizziness between sessions
-restore lordosis
-restore muscle balance


Treating dizzy patients - what DOES work (depending on severity)

-team approach
-private treatment room
-dedicated time
-minimize nystagmus
-comprehensive HEP
-gentle manual therapy: grades of mobilization, MET


Treating dizzy patients - what DOES NOT work (depending on severity)

-manipulation (thrust): hand placements, force, risk v. reward
-deep cross frictions
-quick fix approach
-vibration w/ electrical stimulation


Proven alterations with OMPT?

-sympathetic hyperactivity inflammatory process
-mechanical hypoalgesia
-synchronization motor response
-greatest input to cervical-ocular reflex