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The Miller

Condition: 16 Stones (224 lbs), brawny, broad, red beard, wart on nose, big mouth
Occupation/Degree: Miller (mill things in a mill)
Apparel/Transportation: Walking (supposedly), sword and buckler at side


Time of year



Where are they going?

Canterbury Cathedral


How did the narrator join the group?

Started talking to the pilgrims who were staying at the inn


The Host

Condition: Striking, bright eyes, a little tubby, merry, personable
Occupation: Tabard Inn owner, member of Parliament
Apparel: Horse, highly respected


What does “And thus I preach against the very vice, I make my living out of avarice."

Irony because he preaches against being greedy and immoral but that is how the pardoner makes a living


What is the Pardoner's purpose in the quote "Covetousness is both the root and stuff, Of all I preach." ?

He teaches not to want materialistic things and to be immoral. He is able to 'pardon' you for your sins


"What! Do you think, as long as I can preach
And get their silver for the things I teach,
That I will live in poverty from choice?
That’s not the counsel of my inner voice!"
What does that mean?

As long as he can trick people into giving him money, he will not live on poverty as he is supposed to be teaching, but that does not satisfy him


"No! Let me preach and beg from kirk- to kirk
And never do an honest job of work,
No, nor make baskets, like St. Paul, to gain
A livelihood. I do not preach in vain."
What does this say about him?

He is not afraid to just go around and not do his job honestly. He does not preach with high opinions of people


Who is the Pardoner in his own words?

Cruel and violent and manipulative


Who are these people?

Three rioters, young, drunk, rude


What did they find out about the dead guy?

They knew the dead man, he died on a bench, and he died drunk.


How did he die?

Death got him. Possible heart attack or plague.


What does he know about death?

Death is just around the corner and that death is a worthy opponent.


What is their plan?

Try and kill death.


"Many and grisly were the oaths they swore,
Tearing Christ's blessed body to a shred;”
What does this mean? How are they talking?

They are possibly anti-God or making deals with the devil.
They are talking rudely and making bad oaths


" ‘Good look to you, my lords, and give you quiet!’
To which the proudest of these men of riot
Gave back the answer, ‘What, old fool? Give place!
Why are you all wrapped up except your face?
Why live so long? Isn’t it time to die?’ “
How did they treat the old man?

They were rude and told the old man to just die already


What is the old man’s answer? (To the people harassing him)

He says that his age is not their concern and he comes to terms with it.


What does the old man long for?

The man longs for death


What do they want from the old man?

They want the old man to tell them where/how to find death


What do they accuse the old man of?

Being death's spy


What does the old man represent?

Angel of death


Where does the old man lead them?

An oak tree


What distracts the travelers from death?

Gold coins (greedy)


Why are the travelers of happy?

They’ll have wealth and power if they get the gold


Why can’t they take the money at night?

They would be called robbers and a gang


What is the plan to steal the gold?

One of the travelers will go to town to 'fetch’ some bread and wine
Two will remain hidden waiting for the third to come back and nighttime to take the money away


What plan to the two travelers make while the first is in town?

He says that they should kill the third so they can each get more money from the loot. Able to overpower him (2:1)


The plan to kill is....

One pretends to play fight with the returning traveler, but then the one who is not wrestling or coming back will stab the returning traveler, then have the other join in


What is the youngest thinking as he returns from town?

Jolly over the fact that they’re getting gold and realizes that he would be happiest if he had all the money to himself.


Who put that idea of taking all the coins for himself in the youngest's head?

An evil spirit of a demon


What is the youngest planning?

Buy poison and poison the other two


"But I’ll get even, as is only right,
With vermin that destroy a man by night."
What is significant about these words?

He knows his ‘friends’ are plotting against him.


"Why make a sermon of it? Why waste breath?
Exactly in the way they’d planned his death
They fell on him and slew him, two to one”
Is this funny?

He already knew and it’s not funny.
(Why did I write ‘you already know’?)


"One thing I should have mentioned in my tale... It is an honor to you to have found”
What is he saying?

All the travelers deserved their fates


“In any accident that may occur... And I advise our Host her to begin.”
What is he’s asking/saying?

He’s saying that if anything happens and people need their sins pardoned, he is there to do that.


“The Pardoner said nothing, not a word;
He was so angry that he couldn’t speak.”
Why is he angry?

He can’t fool the pilgrims/host into his con


“The worthy Knight immediately began... They kissed, and we continued on our way.”
What does the knight say?

The knight wants everyone to get along with one another.