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How much did Khrushchev increase the healthcare budget by?

It doubled between 1950 and 1959


How did infant mortality change under Khrushchev?

It was reduced by 2/3


What benefit reforms did Khrushchev introduce in 1961?

- Free lunches in schools, offices and factories

- Free public transport

- Full healthcare and pension rights for farmers


How much did urban housing increase by under Khrushchev?

It doubled


How did Khrushchev tackle the housing crisis?

1) He ended construction on all new communal and government buildings

2) He invested in new materials and techniques

3) He ordered the construction of new low cost housing, which resulted in the pre-fab K7 block


What was the quality of housing in the K7 like?

- Everyone had their own apartment

- Included a bathroom, kitchen and at least two bedrooms

- Ten times bigger than the Kommunalka

- Elevators were fitted to scale the five storey buildings


What was the "social contract"?

Brezhnev's promise to raise the standard of living in return for obedience and conformity.


What guarantees did Brezhnev make as part of raising the standard of living in the social contract?

- Full employment

- Low prices for essential goods

- A thriving second economy without government intervention

- Social benefits like subsidised rent and amenities

- Some social mobility


How much did spending on healthcare and pensions increase annually under Brezhnev?



How did Brezhnev's commitment to full unemployment begin to fall apart in the 70s?

- There was a 20% hidden unemployment rate, with people being paid off to do nothing of any use

- Despite hidden unemployment, there were over a million vacancies in industry

- Women were refused jobs in mining and heavy industry due to prejudices


Give a piece of evidence showing soviet health declined in the 70s

Life expectancy went from 68 to 64