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what is a solution?

consists of a solute dissolved into a solvent


what do we often use to describe solutions?



what happens to the density of a solution as it becommes more concentrated?

it starts to become very different from pure water and thus the volume of the solution and the mass of solution are not numerically equal


does a solute usually all dissolve into a solution?

no, the solute often has limited solubility in a solvent


a solution that contains the maximum amount of solute that can be dissolved is called a...

saturated solution


what are the three outcomes that are needed for a solute to dissolve into a solvent?

1.requires energy to overcome the solute-solute bonds

2. requires energy to overcome the solvent-solvent bonds

3.produces energy from the formation of solute-solvent attractions


what is vapor pressure?

it is an equilbrium pressure. its the partial pressure at which the rate of condensation equals the rate of evaporation regarding a substance.


what is the definition of the normal boiling point of a liquid and how does this change will atlitude?

the temperature at which the vapor pressure equals the atmospheric pressure at a particular altitude. boiling point will decrease with increasing altitude and increase vice versa


What is the equaiton assosciated with Rauolts law?

the vapor pressure of a soluton = mole fraction of the solute x vapour pressure of solvent