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What is a Prophet?

A prophet is a person, representative, or messenger that has great moral insight, and looks to bring a message that will change the moral outlook of people around them.


What is a Prophet? (Catholic)

Prophets are people who have directly been told a message from God, and then passes it on to their own community.


What did Elijah do?

He fought for the message of God, against the false god, Baal. He looked to bring the people of Israel back to God, as God told him that this was what he must do.


What does 'Elijah' mean?

Elijah means, 'My God is Yaewah'.


What was Daniel like?

He was born in a time where Hebrews were exiled from Egypt. He had a deep faith and relationship to God. He had a strong moral compass, in an environment where people did not believe in a God.


What was the popular story that happened to Daniel?

The Babylonians once tossed him into a pit of lions, but God protected him, and he came out of the den the next day without a scratch.


What did Daniel do, and how was he contacted?

He is a dream interpreter for the Kings of Babylon. God contacts Daniel through dreams.


Who was Elijah?

He was a key prophet in the Bible, central to Judaism and to the coming of Christ. He was to be the messenger of Christ.


What did Samuel do?

He helped form Israel. He was the counsel to broth King Saul and King David of the Israelites.


How was Samuel born?

He was born from a prayer by his mother to God, as she was barren.


What was something significant that Samuel did in his life?

Samuel helped Saul, but later got rid of him, because God deemed him unworthy. He then announced David as the new King of Israel.