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How much protein do males need for these ages: 11-14, 15-18, 19-49, 50+?

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11-14: 42.1g
15-18: 55.2g
19-49: 55.5g
50+: 53.3g


How much protein do females need for these ages: 11-14, 15-18, 19-49, 50+?

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Name the four functions of protein

Growth of all body cells and tissue
Repair/maintenance of all body tissue
Making hormones, enzymes and antibodies
Provides an alternative/secondary energy source if there is no other carbohydrate or fat


Describe the structure of proteins

Proteins are made from long chains of amino acids


How many types of amino acids are there?

Around 20 different types found in animal and plant sources


What are essential amino acids? How many are there?

Amino acids that can only be consumed by food and not through ‘rebuilding’ (proteins making them). There are 8 essential amino acids


What happens when proteins are consumed?

The body breaks them down into amino acids and rebuilds them to form the proteins the body needs


Define HBV proteins. Name some sources

Proteins that contain all 8 amino acids have a High Biological Value (HBV)
Meat, fish, dairy, eggs, soya and quinoa


Define LBV proteins. Name some sources

Proteins that lack one or more essential amino acids have a low biological value (LBV)
Beans, pulses, nuts, seeds and cereals


What is protein complementation and who might need it? Is it more or less expensive than buying a HBV protein source?

Combining plant based protein sources to consume all 8 essential amino acids. Vegetarians/Vegans as they don’t eat mea/animal products. It is less expensive than a HBV protein source


Give some examples of protein complementation

Grains + legumes
Legumes+ nuts
Grains + dairy
Legumes + seeds


Name some protein alternatives of animal proteins

Soya, quinoa, mycoproteins


What is soya used in?

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), Tofu, soya milk


What type of food are mycoproteins? What are they used in?

A type of fungus grown in special condition. Quorn Products


Which disease is linked to a deficiency of protein and energy? What can it lead to?

Kwashiorkor. Poor growth, hair loss and infections.


What happens if you have an excess of protein? Why can an excess lead to weight gain and obesity?

The kidneys and liver are affected. Protein which is not used as a secondary energy source is converted to fat and stored.