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Being free from disease or pain



A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Health by WHO


the quality of life involving social, mental, biological fitness on the part of the individual which results from adaptation and responses of the individual to his environment

Health by Dubos


A localized grouping of people
●Consist basically of relationship between people



pertaining to the people of a community, state or a nation.

Public by Knutson


Is the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health and efficiency through organized community effort

Public health


Things needed to be promoted in a public health program

-Sanitation of the environment
-Control of communicable infection
-Education of the individual in personal hygiene
-Planning/ organizing health programs
(the main bulk of public health)


organizing these benefits as to enable every citizen to realize his birthright of health and longevity



dedicated to the common attainment of the highest level of physical, mental and social well-being and longevity consistent with available knowledge and resource at a given time and place.

Public health


Basic public health activities

1.Activities conducted on a community basis
2.Activities designed for prevention of illness, disability or premature death
3.Activities related to the provision of comprehensive health care
4.Activities concerned with collection and preservation and analysis of vital record.


Form of dentistry which serves the community as a patient rather than the individual by preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community effort

Community dentistry


Scooe of dental public health

●Education of the public for dental / oral health
●Prevention and control of diseases and conditions on a community wide basis
●Dental research


Components of dental health program

●Preventive care
●Promotive services
●Curative care
●Research --- proposal / evaluation
●Health education
●Staff development


Scooe of care

●Nutrition education
●Dietary control
●Oral hygeine
●Early diagnosis and prompt treatment
●Preventive care


Health activities were related to elimination and control of diseases that grew out of rapid industrialization and crowded and poor living conditions.

First phase 1849-1900


Immunization programs were an outgrowth of this phase

Second phase 1880-1930


Allowed a further shift to treatment of disease through increasingly complex medical treatments

Third phase 1930-1975


Functions and activities of public health dentist

•Program Administration
•Preventive, Diagnostic and Corrective Services
•Program Promotion and Consultative Services
•Public Health Training and Teaching
•Dental Health Education and Information
•Research and Study Projects


Cooperation in Dental Health Matters with other units within the health agency and with official and voluntary agencies outside the health department

Program administration


Promotion of water fluoridation, or defluoridation in areas with excessive natural fluorides

Preventive, diagnostic, corrective services


Provision of adequate consultation to local dental programs conducted by local health departments, welfare departments, boards education or voluntary organization

Program promotion and consultative services


Provision of in-service training for state and local health department staffs

Public health training and teaching


Utilization of newspaper, radio and television to increase understanding about dental health

Debtal health education and information


Conducting surveys to establish the nature and extent of dental disease

Research and study projects


Common dental disease

1. dental caries
2. periodontal disease


Important consideration of de tal disease

●They are of universal prevalence
●They do not undergo remission or termination if left untreated but accumulate a backlog of unmet needs
●They usually require technically demanding, expensive and time consuming professional treatment.


Other expertise aside from oral health

●Evaluation of dental public health program
●Policy processes


Objectives and targets

1.The prevalence of dental caries is reduce (Annual Target : 5% reduction of the prevalence rate every year)
2.The prevalence of periodontal disease is reduced (Annual Targets : 5% reduction of the prevalence rate every year)
3.Dental caries experience is reduced
(Annual Target : 5% reduction of the mean dmft/DMFT for 5/6 years old and 12 years old children every year)
4.The proportion of Orally Fit Children (OFC) 12-71 months old is increased (Annual Targets : Increased by 20% yearly)