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How is conflict in Romeo and Juliet presented ?

1. Young men perpetuate the endless cycle of violence
2.violence between Romeo and his peers
3. Conflict is inevitable in a patriarchal society
4. Juliet and her father


How is the lack of understanding between the generations presented ?

1.young men perpetuate violence
2. Lack of understanding between Romeo and his peers
3. The nurse urges Juliet to marry Paris when Romeo banished
4.between Juliet and her parent
Juliet as an unconventional heroine


How are relationships between men and women presented ? / how is love presented ?

1. Relationships are business transactions
2. Lustful impulse (objects to be possessed)
3. Romeo and Juliet's initial meeting
4. Their love transcends the empty Petrarchan cliche
5. Love overcomes all bounds


How important is fate in Romeo and Juliet ? / To what extent is the nurse to blame ? / To what extent is Friar Laurence to blame ?

1. Fate causes the tragic event
2. Feuding families (sacrificial tragedy)
3. Romeo is to blame
4. Patriarchal society
5. Juliet's defiance of the patriarchy
6. The nurse and Friar Laurence


How important is the character of Benvolio ?

1. The peacemaker
2. Powerless to stop fighting
3. Benvolio does not come back after Tybalts death
4. Facilitates Romeo's exposition
5. Complicit in the misogynistic view of women


How important is the character of Meecutio ?

1. Foil to Romeo
2. Determination to fight Tybalt
3. Represents masculine culture
4. His needless death highlights harsh environment
5. His death is the fulcrum of the play


How important is the character of Tybalt ?

1. He is the antagonist, juxtaposed with Benvolio
2. Hatred and desire to perpetuate ancient grudge
3. Product of society
4. His death is the fulcrum of the play
5. Juliet's reaction to his death emphasises her love for Romeo


How does Juliet's relationship with her parents change?

1. Initially a voiceless pawn
2. Powerless to her mother
3. After meeting Romeo, Juliet rejects family
4. Juliet refuses her fathers demands


How does Juliet's character change ?

1. A voiceless pawn
2. Overwhelmed by love, acting unconventional
3. In the balcony scene, she defies patriarchy
4. Unconventional epithalamium illuminates frowning maturity
5. Juliet kills herself for love


How is the character of Romeo presented ?

1. Juxtaposed with his violent friends
2. Cliched Petrarchan lover
3. When he meets Juliet he undergoes an epiphany
4. Romeo has to kill Tybalt