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Eugéne Ionesco

-Romanian playwright
-"The Bald Soprano"
-"The Chairs"


Jean Genet

-Playwright, novelist, poet
-drew on his prison experience for his first play "Haute Surveillance"/"Deathwatch"
-Saved from death row because of his writing ability
-pretty bad childhood experience
-"The Maids" (based on a true story)
-"The Balcony"
-"The Blacks"
-"The Screens"


Jean-Louis Barrault

-Stage and film actor, director, mime
-Acted in Dullin's troupe
-Joined Comédie Francaise
-Married Madeleine Renaud
-Played Deburau in "Children of Parades"
-A.D. of Odéon when it was occupied by students/protestors and torn apart.


Jean Vilar

-studied under Dullin
-directed summer theatre festival in Avignon
-became head of Théâtre National Popular



-Town that hosted Festival d-Avignon


May 1968

Destruction of Vilar's theatre/protests


Gérard Philipe

Theatre and film star who acted many of the lead roles in Avignon


Daniel Sorano

-Born in France
-Played many comedic roles
-famous actor
-stage, film, director
-over-exhausted his body and died young


Ariane Mnouchkine

-Founded Théâtre du Soleil
-"1789" - famous production about the French Revolution


Patrice Chéreau

-child prodigy


Fernando Arrabel Terán

-"And They Put Handcuffs On The Flowers"
-"Just a simple love story"
-Father didn't want to fight in the Spanish Civil War and was arrested. He attempted suicide and put in a psych ward. He escaped and ran off into the snow, never to be seen again.
-super intelligent but forced to attend a repressive Catholic school
-At 13, started writing poetry
-At 17, found a trunk of letters that his mother had written to terrorize his father
-Met a woman and married her
-Met with others to create "Panic Theatre"
-In 1967, he was arrested because of an anti-Spain letter he wrote.