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Recall the mnemonic for and the elements to comment on when describing the quality of a CXR film

RIPE: rotation, inspiratory effort, position, exposure


How do you assess rotation on a CXR?

Compare the position of the clavicles and spinous processes


What 2 things might you identify on a CXR to show there was a poor inspiratory effort

Shadowing at the lung bases
Low clavicles


What is there to comment on on the position of a CXR?

AP or PA


How can you tell if there is sufficient exposure on a CXR?

Need to be able to see the spinous processes


Recall the 6 steps of the approach to describing a CXR

1. Type (AP/PA)
2. Pt details
3. Adequacy of film (RIPE)
4. Describe obvious abnormalities
5. ABCDE description (airways, breathing, CARDIAC, DIAPHRAGM, everything else)
6. Describe lucency/ opacity - are there any patterns of shadowing?|