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Assumed the office of president after Lincoln's death, shared Lincoln's ideas on reconstruction, impeached; acquitted

Andrew Johnson


Describe reconstruction.

•It was the US government plan to rebuild the South following the civil war
• aim was to get southern states back into the union as quickly as possible


What supervised all educational activities relating to refugees and Friedman, issued ration, clothing, and medicine, also assumed custody confiscated lands or property in the former Confederate States and border states?

Freedmen' Bureau


What was the 13th amendment?

Prohibited slavery


What was the 14th amendment?

People born or naturalized cannot be denied rights of citizenship based on their race, nation of origin, or previous condition of servitude.


Who was Isaac Murphy?

Arkansas Governor from 1864 to 1868


•What was the harsh measures imposed by Congress up on the unsuccessful "soft" approaches of Lincoln and Johnson?
•What is the iron clad oath?

•Radical Reconstruction
•It sworn loyalty to the US both prior to the civil war and following the wars effectively extended all ex-confederate from voting during reconstruction.


What are the Jim Crow laws?

• laws designed to keep African-Americans from being involved in politics
• voting process fully in democratic hands
• how to pass a literacy test: made it difficult for those who could not read or write to vote
• required a dollar pass poll tax for vote at a time when most Arkansans did not see $25 cash and a whole year. Poll tax must be paid well in advance of an election
• democratic party proclaimed that it's primary election was for whites only (only real election in Arkansas, forcing blacks out of Arkansas politics)


What were the radicals in Arkansas?

• in 1868 a new constitution was written
• republicans controlled the state government


Who was Powell Clayton?

He was the first true Republican governor in Arkansas


Who held political power?

• African Americans
• carpetbaggers


What was a scalawag?

Motive Southerners who supported the republican government


What is a carpetbagger?

Northerner who moved south after civil war presumably to get rich


What was Secret organization of white extremist form by southerners whose purpose was to harass and harm black citizens and to obstruct their participation in government.

Klu Klux Klan


What was Lincoln's 10% plan?

A state can be readmitted if 10% of those who voted in 1860 pledge loyalty to the union