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What was the 'melting pot'?

Individual ethnic groups blend together to become 'Americans'


Did the concept of the 'melting pot' really happen?

More established immigrant groups competed for the best jobs and tended to looked down on more recent immigrants, African Americans and Mexicans


What happened in 1917 to worry the USA?

Russian Revolution


What do Communist believe in?

Equality with state ownership rather than private ownership


In 1919 America experienced a number of strikes and riots by workers who had been made unemployed, why did this worry many Americans?

Many saw it as work of Communists or other radical groups such as anarchists. Many feared recent immigrants from Eastern Europe and Russia were bringing in radical ideas to USA (Red Scare)


Why was America worried by Anarchist pamphlets?

Called for the overthrow of government


Name at least 1 act of terror against the American establishment in 1919?

- April 1919 a bomb planted in Milwaukee church (10 killed)
- May 1919 bombs posted to 36 prominent Americans
- June 1919 more bombs in 7 cities (US Attorney General Mitchell Palmer killed)


Who was appointed to build up files on suspects of 'Red Scare' terror?

J. Edgar. Hoover (files on 60,000 suspects, 1919-20 10,000 people told they were be deported - later found out only 556 cases were based on facts)


Who was accused of two murders during an armed robbery in a shoe factory in Massachusetts?

Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti


Who was the judge in the famous case of two immigrants charged with murder? Why was this unfair?

Judge Thayer (very prejudiced by the Red Scare- Sacco and Vanzetti would not get a fair hearing)


How many years of appeals did the famous case of two immigrants charged with murder?

6 years


What happened in 1927 and why did this cause outrage internationally?

Sacco and Vanzetti were executed. Protests around the world were shocked by how unfair the trial was.