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Comment le reflux se produit il

Laryngeal pharyngeal reflux occurs when acidic stomach juices come up from the stomach into the esophagus (and throat), causing muscular tension and irritation of the throat.


Nommer des symptômes du reflux

Symptoms may include coughing, burning or soreness, throat clearing, excessive mucous, bad taste in the mouth, sensation of a lump in the throat, post-nasal drip and vocal hoarseness.

Voix rauque ou autre trouble vocal

Raclements de gorge

Excès de mucus ou écoulement nasal dans la gorge

Difficultés à avaler nourriture, breuvages, pilules

Toux après avoir mangé ou en position couchée
Difficultés respiratoires ou épisodes d’étouffement

Toux fatigante, dérangeante

Sensation d’arête ou de boule dans la gorge
Brûlure d’estomac, douleur à la poitrine, indigestion, remontées d’acide


Nommer 10 techniques qui aide à diminuer ou éliminer le reflux

1. Symptomsaremorelikelytooccurifyoulieflat.Fornighttimerelief,elevatetheheadofyourbed by placing cinder blocks, wood, or bricks under the headboard. The desired elevation ranges from 4 to 11 inches, with 8 inches a customary average. If this is not practical, sleep on 2 or 3 pillows placed from your waist up to your head. Sometimes sleeping on the left side prevents distressing attacks.
2. Donoteatfor3-4hoursbeforegoingtobed.
3. Dietrestrictionshelpcontrolsymptoms.Multiplesmallfeedingsthroughoutthedayare recommended. Avoid highly seasoned food, acidic food, fatty food, and food that is either very hot or very cold. Chew food properly.
4. Alcohol,tobacco,coffeeandchocolateirritatetheesophagusandshouldbeavoided.Alcoholand caffeine also stimulate acidic stomach secretions. Avoid all strongly flavored candies, lozenges, gum, breath fresheners, etc.
5. Takealiquidformantacidofyourchoice(e.g.Gelusil,Maalox,etc.)30-40minutesaftermeals and at bedtime whenever necessary. If symptoms are severe, take antacids every l 1⁄2 - 2 hours between meals.
6. Ifyouareoverweight,losingweightisrecommended.
7. Avoidtight-fittingclothesacrossthemid-sectionofthebody,girdlesand“abdominalsupporting belts”.
8. Donotbendorstoopanymorethanisabsolutelynecessary.Bendyourkneesandkeepyour back straight if you need to pick something up. Avoid activities such as gardening and exercises requiring lifting or bending, particularly right after meals.
9. Practiceabdominalordiaphragmaticbreathingtorelievesymptoms.Concentrateonpushingthe stomach out with each inhalation, instead of expanding the chest.
10.Maintain a relaxed attitude in your activities to help reduce symptoms.