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Short term refrigeration advantages:

1. Slows decomp
2. Slows cycle of rigor mortis
3. Blood remains liquid


Problem: Dehydration

1. Causes discolourations
2. Leads to thickened blood
3. More problematic with cotton sheets


Treatments: Dehydration

1. Use humectant in arterial solution
2. Inject milder solution at larger volumes
3. Treat discolourations locally


Problem: Decomp/skin slip/purge -> increases preservative demand

Treatment: Inject strong solutions using restricted cervical injection; use multi-point and/or hypodermic injection; thoroughly treat cavities; treat skin slip where needed


Problem: Plastic shrouds can cause moist, clammy skin

Treatment: Wash body with warm water & germicidal soap


Problem: increased capillary permeability -> breakdown increases risk of distention; capillaries can rupture

Treatment: inject min volume of strong solution at low pressure/R-o-F, using restricted cervical injection


Problem: decomposition (long term refrgieration)

Treatment: Use strong solutions & thorough cavity treatment -> multipoint injection if necessary


Problem: Increase in blood coagula
Arterial = problems with distribution
Venous = problems with drainage
Causes p.m. staining

Treatment: Inject on pulse mode; use coinjection chemicals to assist drainage; use alternate drainage; drain from right IJV; use restricted cervical injection or multipoint; manipulate pressure & R-O-F; use massage


Problem: Hypostasis can cause edema and staining in dependent body areas

Treatment: Elevate head & neck to drain fluid/prevent it collecting


Problem: blood remaining liquid causes intense livor mortis

Treatment: Arterial injection; drainage from right IJV


Problem: Increase in P.M. stain

Treatment: Use fluid dyes; surface treatments (bleaching); cosmetics


Problem: Abdomen may distend, leading to purge

Treatment: inject with slow/low pressure & R-O-F; aspirate to relieve pressure; treat cavities thoroughly


Problem: Cold, solid fatty tissue may be mistaken for signs of tissue fixation

Treatment: Use fluid dye to trace distribution; use other means of assessing preservation