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What could be a consequence of the body temperature falling too low?

The rate at which enzyme controlled reactions take place may be too slow for the organism to function properly


What could be a consequence of the body temperature rising too high?

Enzymes may be denatured and the organism my cease to function altogether


What is the name of the process by which an organism regulates its body temperature?



Name two methods of gaining heat?

Production of heat by the metabolism of food during respiration and the gain of heat from the external environment by conduction, convection and radiation


Name two methods of losing heat

Evaporation of water and the loss of heat to the environment by conduction, convection and radiation


What are animals such as birds and mammals who obtain most of their het from the metabolic activities that take place inside their bodies called?



What are animals who obtain their heat from sources outside their bodies called?



How do reptiles such as lizards control their body temperature?

By exposing themselves to the sun, taking shelter, gaining warmth from the ground, generating metabolic heat and colour variations


What does the typical core body temperature of Endotherms range between and why is it this temperature?

35-44 degrees to maintain optimal enzyme activity


What are some of the most important features/genetic adaptatiosn in mammals and birds that live in cold climates?

They have a body with a small surface area to volume ratio, smaller extremities such as ears, and thick fur, feathers or fat layers to insulate heat


To make rapid changes to body temperature, what mechanisms do mammals rely on?

Vasoconstriction, vasodilation, shivering, raising of hair, increased metabolic rate, decrease in sweating, behavioural mechanisms


Give 4 rapid responses that allow heat to be lost when the environmental temperature is too high?

Vasodilation, increased sweating, lowering of body hair and behavioural mechanisms


What is regulation of core body temperature in Endotherms an example of?



What part of the brain detects changes in blood temperature?

The hypothalamus


Within the hypothalamus there is a Thermoregulation centre that consists of two parts. What are they?

A heat gain centre and a heat loss centre


What sends impulses along the autonomic nervous system to the hypothalamus?

Thermoreceptors in the skin