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People have a duty to protect and care for the Earth.



God has given power and authority to humans to manage the Earth



Who first had stewardship over the Earth
(Bible ref)

Genesis two describes how Adam was given the role of stewardship


Who has the role of stewardship been passed down to?

If they use it wrongly, they are destroying what belongs to God.


What do humans get in return for stewardship?

They are allowed to use Earth to sustain life


Describe two different views about dominion

1)Christians teacher that God gave humans power and authority to rule the world

2)A minority believe that humans can do what they want because they are in charge


How do Christians view the use or misuse of natural resources?

They believe we should reduce, reuse, recycle


What part of the Bible is the creation story in?



Describe the big bang theory

1. All matter is held together in a hot, dense, small ‘something’.
2.It expands to form the cosmos.
3. It cools down
4. Matter collects together to become stars and galaxies.


What do fundamentalist Christians believe about the creation story?

Some believe that the creation story is literally true.

Others believe that the seven days represent seven periods of time.


What do liberal Christians believe about the creation story?

They believe that the creation story is symbolic not actually what happened. They might look to science to understand how God did this.


What is the order of the creation story?

1. Light
2.the sky, sea and plants
4.sun, moon and stars, birds
6. Animals and humans
7. Day of rest


Name the three main types of pollution.

1) air
2) water


Give three arguments that Christians believe about the environment.

1)The world is on loan to humans who have been given the responsibility to look after it
2) pollution is not loving towards others.
3) God will be the final judge of how responsible humans have been looking after the Earth.


What has Pope Francis done to help the environment?

1) he wrote “On the care of our common home” telling people they need to tackle pollution.

2) he met religious leaders in Italy to discuss how they could help the environment.


How do other Christians help the environment?

They work in communities to clean up the environment They may join Greenpeace or friends of the Earth.


Does Christianity have any rules about whether Christians can eat meat?



Give two reasons why Christians may not eat meat?

1) because a non-meat diet provides all the nutrition that humans need.

2) because it is cruel to kill animals for food or to be cruel to animals through factory farming.


What will vegans not eat and why?

Vegans won’t eat anything from an animal including milk eggs and leather. They believe it is wrong to cause harm to animals in any way.


How do scientists use animals?

They use animals such as rats,mice,monkeys and rabbits to test new products such as medicines and food and make sure that they are safe for humans.


What do most Christians believe about animal testing?

They believe that it is justified provided the welfare of the animals is considered.
Some believe that human life is sacred and using animal to develop new drugs may save lives.


What is the alternative to using animal experimentation?

We can use computers or artificially grown cells instead.


What do you Hindus believe about animal experimentation?

Hindus believe all living creatures have souls so they must be protected and not experimented upon.


What does Genesis one describe?

Genesis one says that God created all life with humans being created last.


What does Genesis 2 describe?

It describes how God created Adam from the soil and breathed life into him.


What was Adam given responsibility for?

He was asked to look after his environment,the garden of Eden.


How did God create Eve and why?

When Adam was sleeping got one of his ribs and use it to Eve.

He intended Eve to help Adam and that they would live in a close relationship with each other and with him.


Why do some Christians believe that humans are special to God?

Because they are created in his image.

They have a spiritual nature just as God does which makes them different from other living creatures.

This means that they can relate to God in a special way.


What does science say about the origins of human life?

Evolution and survival of the fittest.


What do you fundamentalist Christians believe about creation?

Some do not believe in Darwin and evolution. They question why some creatures adapted better to their environment than others and believe that God made them all.


What do the majority of Christians believe about the origins of human life?

They believe that God is the creator and started the process.
Then evolution took over and created developed over millions of years.


What is the definition of abortion?

Removing a foetus from the womb to end of pregnancy.


When is it legal for an abortion to take place?

Up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.


Legally where must an abortion take place?

In a licensed clinic.


Give two examples with a 24 week limit for abortion does not apply?

1) if the mother’s life is in danger.

2) if the foetus is severely deformed.


How many doctors must agree to an abortion before happening legally?



What is sanctity of life?

This means that all life is holy. Humans are made in the image of God so their life is sacred, precious and a God-given blessing.


What does the Catholic Church believe about abortion?

They believe that abortion is wrong because life begins at conception so abortion is taking away life.


What do you other Christians believe about abortion?

Other Christians believe it may be the kinder option.
For example if the woman was raped, or if the baby may have a very poor quality of life.
If it is the kinder option, then they support abortion.


Give three pro-choice arguments about abortion.

1) it is cruel to allow a severely disabled child to live.

2) Life doesn’t start until the baby is viable (at around 26 weeks) so abortion does not involve killing.

3) pro-choice groups believe that the woman’s life is more important the woman should have the right to choose what to do with her own body.


Give three pro-life arguments against abortion.

1) The unborn child needs to be protected
2) The child could be adopted
3) Life begins at conception therefore abortion is killing life.
4) disabled children can have a good quality of life.
5) those who choose abortion and suffer from depression and guilt afterwards.


What does euthanasia mean?

A good or gentle death.


What do Christians believe?

1) many believe that taking a life is wrong.

2) some believe that euthanasia may be acceptable in certain circumstances.


What is voluntary euthanasia?

The ill person asks for their life to be ended because they don’t want to live anymore.


What is non-involuntary euthanasia?

The person is unable to express a choice. For example a baby or a person in a coma.


What is involuntary euthanasia?

The person is capable of expressing a choice but is not given the opportunity to do so.


Doctors can withhold treatment if it is in the patient’s best interest for example by not resuscitating someone or withdrawing food. Is this euthanasia?

No. It is allowing death to take place, rather than actively ending a life.


Give four arguments in favour of euthanasia.

1) The drugs given to end of life or God-given so they can be used.

2) God gives people free will, so they can end their own life if they want to.

3) euthanasia allows a good and gentle death which may not be the case if natural death occurs.

4) euthanasia may be the most loving and compassionate thing to do following Jesus’s teaching “ Love thy neighbour”


Give six arguments against euthanasia.

1) euthanasia is deliberate killing, murder and interferes with god’s plan.
2) it disrespects the sanctity of life.
3) only God should take life.
4) it breaks gods commandments “you shalt not murder.”


Do Christians believe in life after death?



Do you atheists believe in life after death?



Where do Christians think you go after you die? There are three places...

Good people go to heaven.

Catholics believe that some people go to Purgatory where they must atone for their sins.

If you have been evil you go to hell.


Who do Christians believe will judge you and decide where you go after you die?



How long would you spend in heaven or hell?



How long do you Catholics believe you would stay in Purgatory?

Until you have atoned for your sins.


Where would a baby go if they died before they were baptised?

They would go to Purgatory where they would stay forever.


What evidence is there in the Bible for the afterlife?

Jesus‘s resurrection is evidence that there is an afterlife.


Give to Christian beliefs about when judgement day is?

Some Christians believe you are judged as soon as you die.

Others believe that there will be a future day of judgement when everybody will be judged.


Do you all Christians believe in hell?

No. Some believe that God is the source of everything good and he would not condemn people to hell so everybody must go to heaven.

Other Christians believe that those people who go to hell deserve their fate.


Give three descriptions of heaven.

1) A wonderful place where God lives
2) ‘Revelation’ describes a vision of gods throne room in heaven with everybody worshipping him.
3)’Revelation’ describes how there will be no more death mourning or tears in heaven.


Give three descriptions of hell.

1) how was originally designed for Satan and his fallen Angels.

2)’Matthew’ it is described as a blazing furnace with weeping and gnashing of teeth that exist to punish the unrighteous.

3) ‘Revelation’ An eternal place of torment where there is no rest.


Do all Christians believe the descriptions of heaven and hell to literally be true?

Some do.

Others believe that hell is a bad place simply because God is not there.


Compare Muslim beliefs about creation with Christian beliefs.

Both believe that God made the universe out of nothing.
Most Muslims believe the six days refers to six periods of time, whereas Christians believe that the universe was made in 6 days.
Liberal Christians believe that the creation stories are symbolic. They may look to science to understand how God did this.
Muslims believe that God organised the universe to be under his watchful command. The work of creation is still continued.


What does stewardship mean?

A duty to protect and care for the earth and its environment.


Explain 2 types of pollution and give a cause of each one.

Air-Fumes from factories and transport.
Land-Poor disposal of waste.
Water-Dumping waste into rivers and seas.


explain 2 contrasting beliefs in contemporary British Society about animal experimentation, You should refer to the main religious tradition in Great Britain and one or more other religious traditions.

Islam teaches that animal experimentation is not essential for human needs, therefore, we don't need to experiment on animals.
Some Christians believe that a non-meat diet still provides humans with all the nutrition needed to survive.
If crops were grown on land currently used for animals we would have more food to go around.


Explain 2 religious responses to the theory of evolution

Fundamentalist Christians believe that the Bible stories are true so the creation story must be also. In the Bible, it says 'every word of God is flawless'.
Some Muslims argue that the theory of evolution is true for all animals except humans. God inserted Adam and Eve into the natural order and evolution has progressed from God's first moment of creation.


Explain 2 legal points that are used to decide whether an abortion should be allowed

Pregnancy endangers the woman's life.
The woman's physical or mental health is endangered.
A strong risk that the baby will be born with severe physical or mental disabilities.
An additional child may endanger the physical or mental health of other children in the family.


Explain an argument in favour of euthanasia and show how religious beliefs may disagree with this.

God gives human free will to be able to do what we want. If we want to die then we should be able to do it. we should respect others decisions as we should 'love thy neighbour'. Maybe God's plan is that this person dies by Euthanasia.
It is haram (forbidden) in Islam as it goes against the sanctity of life.
It is deliberate killing, therefore, a murder which goes against one of the 10 commandments 'thou shall not kill'.


Give two contrasting views about the afterlife.

Catholics believe that in the afterlife we can still be forgiven for our sins in Purgatory. God is omnibenevolent and doesn't want his creation to eternally suffer.
Protestants believe that they will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell. Earth is the only time that we can make up for our sins.