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What is meant by the term 'sanctity of life'?

Christians believe there is something special and holy about human life.


What 'separates' humans from other forms of life according to Christians?

The book of Genesis describes how God gave Adam 'the breath of life' which is regarded as the giving of the 'soul'. It also says that people are made 'in the image of God'.


What is the 'soul'?

The non-physical part of a person which may go to heaven when the person dies.


What are Roman Catholics attitudes to abortion?

They believe life begins at the moment of conception, so to kill an unborn baby is morally wrong in all circumstances. Although if it is needed to save the mothers life, they would accept double effect- so doing something morally bad to achieve something morally good is okay.


What are the Church of England's attitudes to abortion?

They oppose abortion but recognise there can be certain conditions when it's okay, e.g. the child would have severe disabilities, or in the case of rape.


What are the Methodist Church's attitudes to abortion?

It is always 'an evil' but believes there are cases where abortion would be the lesser of 2 evils e.g. the child would be born with an incurable disease.


What is abortion?

The deliberate expulsion of the foetus from the uterus.


What is The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990?

Frozen embryos can only be stored for a maximum of 10 years.

Scientific experiments may only be carried out on embryos for up to 14 days after conception.


What're some key texts to do with abortion?

Exodus 20:13 - 'Do not murder'

Psalm 139:13-16 - God creates people in the womb


What's one Christian attitude to fertility treatment?+ one quote

Some believe it's wrong as having a baby is not a God-given right but a gift from God.

Samuel 1:5- God will not allow Hannah to have a baby until he decides it is the right time.


What does cloning usually involve?

It usually involves stem cells which can develop into any cell in the body.


Why're many Christians against cloning?

They believe god chooses 'a time to live and a time to die' and cloning goes against that.


What is suicide and how often does it happen?

Suicide is when a person ends their own life. In the UK less than one in 100 deaths every year is the result of suicide.


What're Christian attitudes to suicide?

They believe it's a sin as it's a form of murder. It also goes against gods choice to choose when people live and die. It also harms the Holy Spirit inside of you.


Who is Chad Varah?

A vicar who began the first telephone help-line which turned into the Samaritans in 1953


What're the different types of euthanasia?

Voluntary euthanasia- when someone asks to end their own life but can't commit suicide without help.
Involuntary suicide- when other people decide it would be best if someone's life ends as they can't make that decision independently.
Active euthanasia- when action is taken to bring life to an end e.g. A lethal dose of drugs
Passive euthanasia- when a decision is made to withhold life-giving care.


What's the Roman Catholic view towards euthanasia?

They're completely opposed to euthanasia, but believe the use of of 'extraordinary treatments' aren't always necessary.


What's the alternative to euthanasia?

Hospices care for the dying and make them comfortable until they die.


Who's Cicely Saunders?

She founded the first modern hospice in London in 1967


What're Christian beliefs to the use of animals in medical research?

We are 'stewards' of the earth and should therefore take care of it.

Genesis 1:28 - Adam is told to rule the earth which shows we have dominion.

Humans have a soul so are more important.