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Episode #8: Racial Violence and Religion

"White Supremacy is a Religion" protected by the constitution.
1500's Trans-Atlantic slave trade began. Africans were considered a sub species of man. They were considered Demonized and in dire need of the Gospels.

[Paraphrased] Europeans felt a strong obligation to civilize and educate the Indians and dark skinned natives of mostly South America. Teaching them to speak English, read and write, cover up their nakedness with clothing.

Missionaries wanted to expand God's will throughout the world. New missions were built all over the new world to "Save the souls" of the Natives.

Religious white supremacy in the United states- Lynching mobs, KKK, etc.

Most people do not view white supremacy as a religious belief, but it is. White Supremacy religion is meant to preserve the White man's domination of race and White man's purity,

The KKK started by Nathan Bedford Forest, believed they were doing God's work to save the nation from the devil. They claimed their white sheets worn represented the dead ghosts of Confederate soldiers.

KKK took the law into their own hands with lynchings, burning crosses and black schools and houses. They ravaged the South.


Nation of Islam - mostly African American in the United States.

Movement was kicked off by "Muhammad Ali". This is a non-Christian religion.

Nation of Islam believes that black people are not Negros but are stolen people from Mecca. Members of Islam changed their names to reflect their new identity like Muhammad Ali did.

[MN: Nation of Islam has some far fetched beliefs. It believes that the Black man was the first man (which is correct) but then they believe there are many planets full of Black people and that a mad scientist invented the White People. Someday the God of Islam will come to Earth in a UFO and rescue the Black people [Savior] and restore the Earth back to original state of Islam)


Malcolm X became a spokesperson for Islam. January 1961, Malcolm X bargains with KKK on separation of Black Americans from White people. He bargains for a land grant to move all Islamic blacks to live (think reservation) and that nobody would attack the Mosques of Islam, and that Blacks would not support the civil rights movement.

Malcolm X was shot to death n 1965.

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Episode #14: War Gods and Holy Wars

Crusades were nothing more than a Witch hunt. Sanctioned fully by Roman Catholic church, mostly to expel the Muslims out of territories.

Crusades were a sanctioned duty to Church and Country to drive out Muslims/Heathens. Crusaders were told fighting a Crusade gave them forgiveness of their sins.

[MN: Crusaders would burn Muslim houses and Churches. If Captives did not instantly repent and become a Roman Catholic Christian, they were beheaded, killed by sword, burned to death or other horrible deaths.]

Crusaders were not only fighting for king and country, but they were fighting for God.

There were eight major crusades. Goal was total annihilation of the people and their towns. It also became a land grab. The church became fabulously wealthy from the spoils of war and the Roman Catholic religion overran most of Europe simply by killing off the "OTHERS".

[MN: Inquisitions, torture, Witch burning - Roman world went nuts]


The Crusades would never have happened if not for the mindset of Entitlement, superiority and Destiny.

The Romans thought they were following a scared blueprint. Holy wars are extremely over emotional.

The Crusades gave the Roman Empire control of the "NARRATIVE" [of thought control]

Episode #15: Religious violence in Israel

Israel Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Each claims the land/sacred site. Each has a history of memories.

After Rome falls, Islam captures the territory. The temple. Jews claim its where Abraham sacrifices Issac. Muslims claim it is where Muhammad ascended to heaven. "Dome of the Rock" Built by Muslims to mark that spot.


Beginning in 19th century, lots of religion conflicts surfaced in Israel.

Six Day War [1967] marked a shift in identity. The territories were not returned and this angered Israel.

YASSER ARAFAT forms PLO Palestinian Liberation Organization. He starts terror with Israel. Terrorist attacks. Airplane hijacking, etc. Tit for tat. If Israel does a nasty, PLO does a bigger nasty. The PLO became more political later in an effort to change the Narrative

1st Intifada, Dec. 1987. Started with an Israel car accidentally killing a Palestine pedestrian. Now non-PLO children started throwing rocks at police of Israel. Then the lid came off and they had Chaos.

Then the Arab "HAMAS" [Islamic Resistance Movement]

Hamus was linked to two groups of militants.
Muslim Brotherhood and Hizbullah from Lebanon.

Now entire states were demonized. Not just Israel, but Israel's ally, the United States.


OSLO ACCORD - President Clinton helped broker this so each party could have a portion of the disputed territory.

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Episode #17: Slavery

1630, John Winthrop has vision of "City on a hill", talking abut settling in the new world.

In 1619, 11 years earlier, the first African slaves were brought to Jamestown against their will. Stripped and in chains. These slaves were considered to be less than human.

Before the civil war, Christianity was shared with slaves in the field.

[Mn; My other studies says they were promised a larger reward in heaven if they worked hard as a slave.]

"INVISIBLE INSTITUTION" had to take place where the slave masters could not see it. These meetings were held in "HUSH Harbors". This was like a social forum mixed with slave homeland beliefs mixed with Christian beliefs. They had to whisper the services and had posted lookouts for anybody coming near them.

When they got caught they were severely punished, women raped, and in some cases actually killed as punishment.


Slave hunters looked for runaway slaves. When caught, the slave had no rights. Innocent slaves were captured and punished just like the guilty ones.

[MN: REM Pirates hunted and kidnapped slaves for a living then sold them or put them to work on the pirate's own plantation. Some pirates were major slave owners and some had large plantations.

Also European royalty rewarded pirates and had their own privateers to kidnap slaves. Also privateers attacked towns and stole slaves. The Queen would reward them like making them a knight or a lord.]

NAT Turner slave rebellion - Google this then write.