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What 3 factors trigger release of renin?

1) sympathetic stimulation
2) renal hypoperfusion
3) decreased sodium delivery to distal tubule (macula densa)


What are 3 factors that cause renal hypo-perfusion?

a) decreased circulating volume
b) low cardiac output (usually high volume state)
c) renal artery stenosis


What is the effect of diuretics on renin?

increase renin release - "because of decreased renal blood flow"......


What is the effect of clonidine on renin release?

inhibits it because less sympathetic stimulation of B1 receptors on juxtoglomerular cells


What is the effect of arteriolar vasodilators on renin release?

slightly increased because arteriolar dilation reduced total peripheral resistance which causes slight hypoperfusion of kidneys....


ACE inhibtors and ATII receptor blockers do what do renin release?

slight increase due to vasodilation and slight renal hypopersion