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Which canine can have either an incisal or cingulum rest seat?



What are resistance features used in a tooth preparation for an acid-etched resin bonded reatainer?



What is a bridge that uses conventional full crown as a retainer on one of the abutment teeth and a RBFPD as the retainer on the other abutment tooth of the FPD?

Combo bridge


What is used to etch tooth prior to placing the RBFPD?

40-50% Phosphoric acid


Vertical stops on the lingual of incisors, cingulum on canine, or occlusal rest seats on PM and M function to do what?

Resist gingival displacement of RBFPD


Tooth preparation for RBFPD is how deep?

Only in enamel


What does Tin plating do to noble metals?

Makes noble metals good for bonding


Does Air abrasion with Aluminum oxide roughen metal for micromechanical retention?

No, just cleans it


What is Panavia?

Chemically active resin cement to adhese to metal for bond strength


With what type of RBFPD can the Lost Salt technique increase retention, or can be done with Aluminum Oxide air abrasion?

Virginia Bridge


With what RBFPD do you cast a net-like mesh to cover abutment teeth, requires no etching , but must fit tooth intimately initially as it is hard to adapt?

Cast Mesh FPD


With what RBFPD do you use electrochemical pitting to etch metal to increase its retention?

Maryland Bridge


What type of RBFPD uses a wing-like retainer with funnel shaped perforations that combine mechanical retention and Silane coupling agent to adhere metal and enamel?

Rochette bridge


What are 5 techniques for bonding a metal framework to tooth enamel for a RBFPD?

1. Rochette bridge
2. Maryland bridge
3. Cast Mesh FPD
4. Virginia bridge
5. Cement


What are some advantages of resin-bonded fixed partial dentures (RBFPD)?

1. Minimal reduction
2. Supergingival margins


What are some contraindications for Resin bonded Fixed Prosthesis?

1. Extensive caries
2. Nickel sensitivity
3. Deep vertical overbite


What are some indications for Resin Bonded Fixed Prosthesis?

1. Unrestored or minimally restored teeth
2. Caries-free Mandibular or Maxillary incisor to be replaced
3. Periodontal splints
4. Single posterior tooth replacement
5. Good occlusion


What are 7 Factors that increase wear on opposing dentition?

1. Bruxism (use gold instead)
2. Long tooth contact slide
3. Xerostomia
4. Roughness
5. Exposed core ceramics in contact with tooth
6. Hard crystals/oxide stains on surface of glass matrix
7. Porosity in surface layers