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Aim of Sherman & Strang

To look at good practice in restorative justice and to reach a conclusion


Sample of Sherman & Strang

An internet search including the words 'restorative', 'justice', with 'reoffending' or 'recidivism' or 'mediation'


Procedure of Sherman & Strang

Two researchers analysed all the research found by the internet search
- Sample of offenders on an RJ programmes was compared with a similar sample who did not experience RJ
- Yielded 36 studies


Results of Sherman & Strang

Reductions in re-offending were found for violence and property crime - RJ does not work for all cases

- More effective with a personal victim
- More effective when violence is part of the crime
- Victims viewpoint, provided they have been willing to participate

Can reduce mental health by reducing post traumatic stress disorder


Conclusions of Sherman & Strang

Strong evidence that RJ is effective in some cases and there is support for its increased use, perhaps beginning with young offenders.