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Human cost

9 mill soldiers died; "lost gen" in Britain; 20% of ages 20-40 dead in France. Civilians targeted and millions died from famine and disease.


Economic Consequences (Britain)

Britain - 34 billion lost; never gained pre-war international financial dominance; in debt.


Economic Consequences (3)

1. dramatic decline in manufacturing output
2. loss of trade and foreign investments
3. multiple powers in deep debt


Political Consequences (Germany)

revolution broke out against the old regime; sailors took over Kiel; socialist republic declared in Bavaria; Kaiser fled to Holland in 1918


Political Consequences (Russia)

Bolsheviks took power and attempted to establish a dictatorship; resulting in a civil war that lasted until 1920


Political Consequences (Habsburg)

Habsburg Empire disintegrated; monarchy collapse; republic declared; Austria-Hungary split into 2 separate states


Political Consequences (Turkey)

Collapse of Sultanate; left Central/East Europe in turmoil; fear of revolutionary politics


Impact in America

world's leading economy; industries more successful than European competitors; mechanization and development of plastics; concern that America might be dragged into other European issues


Impact in Japan/China

J - presented Japan with opportunities for territorial expansion; seized German holdings and islands; hoped to hold onto economic and political gains against China. C - entitled to send delegates to the Versailles Conference; wanted a release from Japanese demands