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(O’Conner) What is the revelation that the title refers to?

That all people are equal under god


(O’Conner) Why do the Turpin go to the doctor?

Mr Turpin has an ulcer in his leg


(O’Conner) Who is Mary Grace?

A sour-faced teenager in the waiting room


(O’Conner) What does Mary Grace do after Mrs Turpin loudly praises Jesus?

She throws her book at Mrs Turpin’s face and then tries to strangle her


(O’Conner) What is Mrs Turpin truly like in comparison to how she acts?

She acts very gracious and tolerant while inwardly being extremely racist and classist


(O’Conner) Why do the black women working for Mrs Turpin annoy her?

She can tell that their sympathy for her is feigned


(O’Conner) What does Mary Grace say to Mrs Turpin?

“Go back to hell where you came from, you old warthog”


(O’Conner) What is Mrs Turpin doing when she has her vision?

Hosing off the hogs


(O’Conner) Why does Mrs Turpin take Mary Grace’s words so hard?

She thinks that God is responsible for Mary Grace saying them, and feels angry that she could be compared to “trash”


(O’Conner) What is Mrs Turpin’s vision?

She sees a procession of souls on their way to heaven, led by “white trash” and black people, people she had regarded as “lesser” earlier in the story. People like her were at the back. All were humbled before heaven