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Acute tissue texture changes

Prolonged-Redness, warmth, boggyness, fullness, moisture, muscle tension

Pain is present with movement and tenderness is described as severe and sharp


Chronic tissues texture changes

Fibrosis, coolness, thickness, pimpling, dryness, rosiness, pallor/prolonged blanching

Pain is not present with movement and tenderness is described as dull, achy and burning


Most common type of scoliosis

Single C in the thoracic that develops into a double S curve (usually left)


Reciprocal inhibition vs isometric ME

Both go Neutral, flexion or extension

Reciprocal = patient moves sidebending/flexion towards the barrier

Isometric = patient moves sidebending/flexion towards ease


Sphinx position

Extension while prone

Used when assessing lower thoracic and lumber spine only


What are the only two absolute Contraindications in all OMT techniques?

Absence of somatic dysfunction

Lack of consent