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What are the 5 laws associated with Health and Social Care?

Children's Act 2004
Mental Health Act 2007
Equality Act 2010
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
Data Protection Act 1998


Which groups of people are protected by legislation?

Children and young people
Vulnerable adults
Ethnic minority groups
People with disabilities
Men and women
Older adults


What are the key aspects of the Children Act 2004?

Protect children at risk
Keep children safe
Making children's need paramount
Children should be consulted
Protect children's rights
Work with families and carers
Make sure the 5 conditions of "Every Child Matters" are maintained
Work in multi-disciplinary teams


What are the principles of Every Child Matters?

Staying safe
Being healthy
Enjoying and achieving
Making a positive contribution
Economic well-being


How does the Children Act impact the work of care professionals?

Make difficult decisions
Must follow safeguarding procedures
Put the child first
Adapt methods to speak to children
Ask children their thoughts - alone if necessary
Involve other agencies
Consider how to involve the wider family in the care of children


What are the key aspects of the Mental Health Act 2007?

Compulsory admissions for people who are thought to be a danger to themselves or others
Patients have the right to have their nearest relatives to represent them
Supervised community treatment to aid recovery
Patients to be given a place of safety for assessment
Age appropriate assessment


How does the Mental Health Act impact the work of care professionals?

May need awareness training
Must be aware of mental health policy


What are the key aspects of the Equality Act 2010?

Don't discriminate on the grounds of any of the personal characteristics
Both direct and indirect discrimination is not allowed
No discrimination in education, employment or housing
Woman are allowed to breastfeed in public
Pay secrecy clauses are illegal


What are the 9 protected characteristics?

Gender re-assignment
Sexual orientation
Marriage and civil partnerships
Pregnancy and maternity


How does the Equality Act impact the work of care professionals?

Have to follow equality opportunities policy
Treat people fairly
Disciplinary procedures for discrimination
Training and awareness sessions


What are the key aspects of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974?

Working environment needs to be safe
Equipment must be safe
Staff must have health and safety training
Personal Protective Equipment must be provided
Hazards must be reported


How does the Health and Safety at Work Act impact the work of care professionals?

Must follow health and safety policy
Must be provided with and wear Personal Protective Equipment
All accidents must be written in the accident book
All equipment needs to be checked regularly
Staff training
Must carry out risk assessment


What are the key aspects of the Data Protection Act 1998?

Data must be secured against accidental loss
Only relevant data must be stored
Data must be kept for no longer than necessary
Data must be accurate and up to date
Data must only be used for the purpose it was intended