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What is the broader concept of confidentiality and security concepts? Where the focus is on the person and is the 'right' of the person to have their own person info kept private, and to control their own information



What makes up the key principles of 'trust, reliance, respect & security? And how health care professionals treat private info once it has been disclosed



What is the 'tools and techniques' used to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of health information?



What does PIPEDA stand for?

Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act


What does PIPA stand for?

BC Personal Information Protection Act


What legislation authorizes the collection and use of personal health information for a) compiles statistical info b). offers 'whistle-blower' protection d) facilitates health insurance and health service billing; e). establishes penalty fines of up to $200,000 for privacy and security breaches in the electronic health record (EHR)

BC E-Health Act (Personal Health Information Access and Protection of Privacy Act (BC PHIAPPA)


This act of legislation gives every person a reasonable right to privacy, and if it has been violated you can sue for breach. This act also outlines actions that are NOT considered a breach of privacy. And breach of privacy ENDS with the death of the individual

BC Privacy Act


What is it called when an individual is informed of what specific personal information will be disclosed, to whom, for what purpose and the consequences of giving or not giving consent?

Informed Consent


Your duty as a ROI clerk regarding confidentiality - name 5 things

Protect patient, be their advocate
Do not disclose personal health information unless authorized
Preserve and protect and maintain patient information
Not to impede patient care and treatment in the name of confidentiality
Patient information is kept safe and secure against unauthorized collection, use, disclosure and disposal