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Corrections and police military reservists may not exceed ___ training hours per fiscal year and civilian military reservists may not exceed ___ hours per calendar year.



Military Orders are to be forwarded to the _____ ______ Division.

Human Resources


An employee, who is drafted, who volunteers for active military service, or who is ordered to active duty, shall be granted what?

a leave of absence without pay


Military Leave
Employees who are being deployed for more than 180 days will report to Human Resources Division prior to departure for an ____ _____.

exit interview


The procedure for returning issued equipment for employees who have been activated for military duty for more than 45 days is as follows: (8)

1. Return laptop to ISM
2. Portable radio and pagers
3. DOC radios
4. Cell phones
5. Citation books
6. Keys belonging to DOC
7. Can keep firearm if approved by Chief or Higher
8. Delete all equipment numbers and call sign from EIS


If members are activated for less than __ calendar days, they may keep all issued equipment, however, assigned vehicles must be returned to the motor pool if order exceeds __ calendar days.




Returning from Military Leave
At the discretion of the _______, the employee may be required to undergo a return to duty psychological or physical evaluation by a COJ physician in order to determine fitness for duty and to determine if the member has any specialized needs, such as a referral to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Chief of Human Resources


The employee’s ______ shall be notified upon granting an employee bereavement leave.

chief or designee


What should be in the comments section of a Bereavement Leave request? (5)

1. Reason for the leave
2. Name and address of the deceased
3. Relationship to the employee
4. Funeral or memorial service date
5. Justification for the amount of Bereavement Leave gr


An employee who fails to return from a leave of absence without pay will be deemed to have ____.



Leave of Absence Without Pay (LWOP)
Does the employee have the right to be
restored to the same or equivalent position or is the Sheriff’s Office required to hold the position open until the employee returns from the leave.



Leave of Absence without pay under 6 months
The Chief of Human Resources will review the request to determine if it is an extraordinary case and for a compelling reason. If the extraordinary case and for a compelling reason criteria is met, the request will
be routed to the employee’s _____ for approval.



Leave of Absence without pay over 6 months
In addition to the approval process through the employee’s director, the request must also be approved by the COJ?

Chief of Employee Services.


When an employee is involved in a critical incident, ADL with pay may be granted by an _____ ____ or above or higher authority

assistant chief


The employee’s EIS supervisor or designee will change the attendance status via the EIS with an ADL status daily for the duration determined by the appropriate ______ or higher authority.



Any officer whose actions result in a death or serious bodily harm shall be _____ from the line of duty assignment.



The officer shall be placed on ADL by the _______, or higher authority if actions result in death or serious bodily harm.

Assistant Chief of Major Case


Admin Leave
The officer will be on limited duty status pending review of the incident by the ______ or his designee regarding the officer’s ability to return to his line duty
assignment safely and effectively.



Admin Leave
Prior to being permitted to return to his line duty assignment, the involved officer shall undergo a _________.

Return to Duty Assessment


The _____ or his designee shall review the results of the Return to Duty Assessment, together with pertinent materials from the detective(s) who are investigating the officer-involved incident, to determine whether the officer should return to his line duty assignment.



Admin Leave
Employees shall not wear a ____, drive a take home ______, work secondary employment or use any police powers during a limited duty status after such incidents.



If an employee is on ADL for disciplinary reasons, he shall be at his place of ______ during his normal hours of employment.