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From the Antique - Gender

'It's a weary life, she said, doubly blank in a woman's lot. I wish, I wish and I wish I were a man, or better than any being, were not'


Shut Out - Gender

'A shadowless spirit kept the gate, blank and unchanging like the grave. I peering through said: 'Let me have some buds to cheer my outcast state'


Maude Clare - Gender

'His bride was like a village maid, Maude Clare was like a queen'


Goblin Market - Gender

"Oh", cried Lizzie, "Laura, Laura, you should not peep at Goblin men." Lizzie cover'd up her eyes'


Winter My Secret - Truth and Lies

"Or, after all, perhaps there's none: Suppose there is no secret after all, but only just my fun."


Round Tower - Truth and Lies

"Close the pistol to her brow-- God forgive them this!"


Twice - Truth and Lies

"You took my heart in your hand
With a friendly smile,
With a critical eye you scanned,
Then set it down"


Soeur Louise - Truth and Lies

"I have desired, and I have been desired; but now the days are over of desire."


Maude Clare - Truth and Lies

"My Lord was pale with inward strife, and Nell was pale with pride."


No Thank You John - Love

"Here's friendship for you if you like; but love,- No, thank you, John"


Goblin Market - Love

"Golden head by golden head, like two pigeons in one nest / Folded in each other's wings"


Twice - Love

"I take my heart in my hand, O my God, O my God, My broken heart in my hand: Thou hast seen, judge Thou"


Round Tower - Love

"One kiss more.' - 'and yet one again.' - 'Good-bye'. 'Good-bye.'"


Echo - Love

"Come to me in the silence of the night; Come in the speaking silence of a dream"