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Chris: Hi, Cookie. Hi, Ernie

Hello, Chris. Hello, Lenny


Lenny: Mr. Gorbachev?... He said, "I don't know. I never ate cat food before."

Sorry we're late. Did we miss much?


Chris: You have got to get Lenny to tell you the story about Mrs. Thatcher and the cat food.

It sounds funny already


Cookie: No, it's for my back. It went out again while I was dressing

You all right, honey?


Cookie: It's nothing. I can do everything but sit down and get up.

Hey, Lenny, is that your BMW? Looks like you put a lot of miles on in two days.


Cookie: Oh, don't tell me! Lenny! Claire!... I'm so sorry.

It was an accident, honey. We'll replace it, of course.


Chris: What about a drink, everyone?

I'll have something.


Lenny: I'm right near the bar.

Your all going to get me a drink? Sick friendly people. I'd love a bourbon, please.


Cookie: A spasm. It's gone. It's all right. It just shoots up my back and goes.

You all right, poops?


Lenny: Listen, maybe we should all sit outside. It's such a beautiful evening.

Okay. Okay, you kids, what's going on here?


Claire: What do you mean?

You think I don't notice everyone's acting funny? Three people want to get me drinks. Chris wants me to hear this funny story. Lenny wants to get us all outside. Everyone's creating a diversion. Why? I don't know. Am I right?


Lenny: Here it is

You all right, chicken?


Claire: It's all laid out. Roast ham, smoked turkey, duck, and pasta?

Roast ham? Duck?... That's too much cholesterol for me.


Cookie: A sixty-year-old Russian dress.

The dress is hardly an issue worth arguing about.


Cookie: I didn't say we wouldn't cook it.

She didn't say we wouldn't cook it. Why is everyone getting so worked up about this?


Claire: All right, Earnie, let's not turn this into group therapy, please.

This is nothing like group therapy, Claire. You of all people, should know that.


Chris: Please lower your voices. Were going to spoil the surprise for Charley and Myra.

What surprise? It was their idea.


Cookie: Listen, I don't want to take the blame for ruining this party. I'll do all the cooking myself and Ernie'll do the serving.

Honey, no ones asking you to do that.


Chris: Oh, give me a break.

What the hell was that?


Chris: Would you all excuse me for a minute? I hate when this happens.

Am I crazy or was that a gunshot?


Lenny: A gunshot? Nooo. I think it was a car backfiring.

In Charley's bedroom?


Lenny: Oh, I know. I know. I know exactly what it was... it was a balloon. They've been blowing up party balloons up there all day.

What kind of balloon was that, the Goodyear blimp?... I'm going up.


Claire: I'll get it.

I still think it sounded like a gunshot.


Clair: Hello?... Who? Dr. Cusack? Yes, he is. Who is it, please?

Is that for me?


Claire: Uh huh. Uh huh. It's a conference call. Mr. and Mrs. Klein, Mr. And Mrs. Platt, Mr. And Mrs. Fishman.

Oh, it's my Friday night group. I have a telephone session with them.


Lenny: Jeez, you are a pain in the ass. I'd better run up and get Chris. Dr. Dudley?... What?... oh, yes, my wife has a pain, too. It's no bother. Can you hold for Chris, please? We owe this guy a gift. Let's give him a Cookie as a patient. See where Ernie is with my drink, will you?

I though I heard Lenny in here. I have his spritzer.


Claire: I'll hold it for him. How's Cookie?

Not well. I have her some aspirins for her back, but she dropped them in the sauce.


Claire: Good. Then we'll all get rid of our headaches.

Did Lenny say what that sound was?


Claire: The gunshot?

It was a gunshot


Claire: No, I was referring to the sound you thought was a gunshot.

It wasn't a balloon, I know that.