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What is a mathematical model?

Simplification of a real world situation


What are mathematical models used for?

-To make predictions about real world problem.

-By analysing model, improved understanding of situation obtained


List 5 advantages to mathematical models

- Quick & easy to produce

- Simplifies complex situation

- Improve understanding of real world as certain variables can readily be changed

- Enables us to make predictions

- Provides control


Give 2 reasons why mathematical models should be treated with caution.

- Simplification - doesn't include all aspects of problem

- Model may only work in certain situations


Briefly outline steps for making a mathematical model [7]

1) Real world problem observed

2) Mathematical model devised

3) Model used to make predictions

4) Experimental data collected from real world

5) Predicted & observed outcomes compared

6) Statistical test used to asses how well model describes real world

7) Mathematical model refined (if necessary) to improve match between expected and observed values


Define mutually exclusive

When events have no outcomes in common


In stats, what does the term independent mean?

When one event has no effect on the other


When might a normal distribution be appropriate?

When there is little/no skew in data