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when can you see acute symptomatic hyponatremia?

- marathon runners
- water-drinking contests
- fraternity hazing
- raves (MDMA)
- primary polydipsia


how does repletion of hypokalemia cause overcorrection of hyponatremia?

- K+ exchanges w/ Na+; moves from intracellular to extracellular space
- also K+ moving intracellularly draws water w/ it from extracellular space


how to treat hyponatremia d/t glycine irrigation?

- hypertonic saline or
- HD (will correct hyponatremia and remove glycine)


adverse effects of Li+

- thyroid dysfunction
- cardiac arrhythmias
- nephrogenic DI (occurs in 40% of pts)


tx for nephrogenic DI 2/2 Li+

- d/c Li+
- amiloride (blocks Li+ entry into principal cell via ENaC)
- thiazide diuretics


what can happen w/ Li+ if started on diuretics?

Li+ level may increase! need to monitor level and/or reduce Li+ dose