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What is a simple random sample?

Each member of population has equal chance of being picked


Give one simple random sample pro
Give two simple random sample cons

Equal chance means each member has fair representation.

-Outliers = included
-Expensive (travelling costs)


What is a cluster sample? (3 things)

Population is divided into groups (clusters)
Some clusters are selected using S.R.S
All members of selected clusters are sampled


What is one cluster sample pro?
Give two cluster sample cons?

Less costly

-Outliers are included in selection
-Cluster may not be representative of total population


What is a stratified sample? (3 THINGS)

Population split into groups with same characteristics (strata)
Number of members to be selected from each strata = proportional to its size
Those members are then selected using a simple random sample


What is one stratified sample pro?

Size of sample is in proportion to size of stratas