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When a Single unit, second search for a VS (sector search) is performed, shift the pattern how many degrees to the right?

30 degrees to the right


When is a Sector (V) pattern used?
when datum is established with a high degree of confidence and the target is difficult to detect.

when datum is established with a high degree of confidence and the target is difficult to detect.


When is a Square (S) search pattern is used ?

A Square (S) search pattern is used when datum is established within close limits and uniform coverage is desired.


When performing a Square (S) search pattern all turns are how many degrees to the right? How many degrees is the second search shifted?

All turns are 90 degrees to the right and a second is performed by shifting the pattern 45 degrees to the right.


What is MSAP?

enacted by Congress in 1982. It directed the Coast Guard to review policies and procedures for towing and salvage of disabled vessels in order to further minimize the possibility of Coast Guard competition or interference with...commercial enterprise.


What are the duties and responsibilities of the coxswain?

1. The safety and conduct of passengers and crew.
2. The safe operation and navigation of the vessel.
3. The completion of mission or sortie.
4. Safe guarding of life and property.
5. Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


When may the coxn leave the boat?

1. When the operational benefit clearly outweighs the risk i, e., coxn is certified EMT and the situation requires their expertise.


What shall be discussed if the coxn leaves the boat? Who must the coxn get concurrence with before leaving the boat?

anchoring, terminating the boats voyage on a mooring/pier.

coxn must get concurrence from the OOD and the CDO.

Unless it is time critical to save a life.


Can the station's boats operate covertly without permission from the CDO?


if authorized, Navigational lights will be energized prior to approaching and boarding a vessel.


All station boats shall operate at a safe speed in regards to what?

Prevailing weather conditions, traffic density and back ground ligting.


Can a crew member sleep onboard a Station Castle Hill boat?

No, unless the boat is at a sheltered anchorage in order to minimize u/w time for an extended operation and the member is not on watch provided concurrence from the coxn, OOD and CDO.


The boat crew, duty section and any other persons who might reasonable be expected to be recalled to support unit operations shall not consume alcohol less than how many hours before placed in a alert duty status?

12 Hours


The steering and Sailing rules are numbered how in the rules of the road book?



What is the STAAR model?

Spread out


What shall the pre u/w brief include?

Required PPE
GAR worksheet (supervision, Planning, Crew fitness, Crew Selection, Environment, Event evolution complexity)


Missions assessed in the AMBER shall be briefed to who?

OOD/CDO/XPO/CO and OC (operations controller)

missions in the red will not include the XPO


What is the limit of the rescue swimmer during a capsized vessel case?

Reach as far underneath as possible to attempt a rescue.

Request divers, talk the people out etc...


If a surface swimmer is deployed, what shall they be wearing?

A PFD with a dry suit or anti exposure coverals,
Helmet and a swimmers harness tethered by another crew member.


CG personnel shall not engage in independent firefighting operations, except to save life or in the early stages to avert a significant threat without undue risk.



CG personnel shall not engage in firefighting on commercial vessel or water front facility except in support of a regular fire fighting agency under the supervision of who?

A qualified fire officer trained under the national fire protection association


Is refloating a grounded vessel authorized?

Yes, as long as the assisted vessel is not in peril of further damage or loss if the following conditions exist:
No commercial salvage is available in reasonable time
Salvage will minimize or prevent further damage or loss of the vessel
The hull is seaworthy
Weather and bottom conditions are not adverse
No hazard to CG personnel


What is prudent action when assisting a grounded vessel?

take the people off
set the anchor
allow the vessel to refloat at the next high tide
determine the seaworthiness of the vessel.


If any doubt exist in what platform to use, either the RBM or the RBS, the coxswain should recommend the RBM. What are the operating parameters that would effect that decision?

Sea's greater than 6FT
winds greater than 25 KTS
Breaking Surf or bar conditions


Who is the only person that may authorize the use of the RBS in conditions that exceed the operating parameters?

The Sector Commander.

The Coxn retains the final on scene decision in determining if the appropriate action may be safely executed.


What is the max RPM's while transiting Castle Hill Cove?

1000 RPM's


What is a disabling casualty?

Those that deem the boat unserviceable.


What is a restrictive casualty?

Those that restrict the operations of the boat such that it can perform some missions, but not all missions.


What is a major discrepency?

They degrade the effectiveness of the boat to perform one or more missions.


Minor Discrepancies are what?

Do not effect the operation effectiveness of the boat


If communication with a station's boat are not established in ____ minutes the OOD will contact Sector OC and dispatch vessels to the last know position.

10 minutes