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What did Skullard say on the patron- client relationship?

โ€œReal power does not always reside where it officially appears to belong-patron-client relationships were not defined by laws or a constitutional set of rules.


What did Syme comment on the stoics?

โ€œAs for the tenents of the stoics, they could support the doctrines quite distasteful to the Roman republicans, namely monarchy or the brotherhood of man. The stoic teachings was nothing more than a corroboration and theoretical defence of certain traditional values of the governing class in an aristocratic and republican state.


How does Skullard was interpret Caesar as a popularis and a dictator?

โ€œIf the technical responsibility for war rested in the shoulders of Caesar, it was neither desired by him (witness his negotiations) nor by Pompey (witness his faciliations) nor by the vast majority of senators (witness their vote on the first of December, and still less by the bulk of the population who did not rise to the defence of the war.