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In gender, for women, what is the aging pattern for lack of interest, anorgamia, dyspareunia, absent pleasure, performance anxiety and trouble lubricating?

lack of interest - stays consistent
anorgasmic - consistent but slightly lower
dyspareunia - decreases with age
absent pleasure decreases with age
performance anxiety decreases with age
trouble lubricating increases with age


How do males with increasing afect change with interest, anorgasmis, premature ejaculation, absent pleasure, performance anxiety, eretile disorder

lack of interest stays constant but slightly increases
anorgasmic stays constant
premature ejaculation actually stays constant
absent pleasure deccreases
performancy anxiety decreases slightly
erectile disorder increases


What are the 4 categories of sexual problems?

desire, arousal (vasocongestion), orgasm, and pain


Describe female sexual interest/arousal disorder.

it's lack of (or reduced) sexual interest/arousal (75-100% of the time)


Describe male hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

persistently or recurrently deficient (or absent) sexual/erotic thoughts or fantasies and desire for sexual activity


What are the criteria for female orgasmic disorder

presence of either of the following esxperienced 75-100% of the time: marked delay in, marked infrequency of, or absence of orgasm/makedly reduced intensity of orgasmic sensations.


What are the diagnostic criteria for delayed ejactulation?

75-100% of partnered sexual activity with marked delay in ejaculation or marked infrequency or absence of ejaculation (without the desire of delay)


Describe the criteria for premature ejaculation

persistent/recurrent pattern of ejaculation occurring during partnered sexual activity within 1 minute following penetratin and before the individual wishes it


What are the diagnostic criteria for erectile disorder.

at least 1 of 3 experienced 75-100% of the tim: marked difficulty in obtaining an erection during sexual activity, marked difficulty in maintaining an erection until the completion of sexual activity, or marked decrease in erectile rigidity


What are the diagnostic criteria for genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder?

persistent or recurrent difficulties with one (or more ) of the following - vaginal penetration, vulvovaginal or pelvic pain during intercourse, marked fear/anxieyt of pain in anticipation, or marked tensing or tightening of the pelvic floor muscles during attempted penetration


What is the diagnosis if the sexual dysfunction is from a substance/medication?

Substance/medication-induced sexual dysfunction...duh


What hormonal factors can lead to sexual dysfunction?

low testosterone
high prolactin
low lutenizing hormone
high estrogen


what general classes of drugs are awful for sexual dysfunction?

oral estrogen


What is the PLISSIT model of sex therapy?

Permission (give them a chance to talk)
Limited Information (provide info specific to issue)
Specific SUggestions (exercises for issue)
Intensive Therapy (when emotional dif or relationship problems interfere)


What are some drugs to give for sexual dysfunction?

1. testosterone
2. viagara
3. levitra (lasts longer than levitra)
4. cialis (lasts 2+ days)
5. penil injections of alprostadil
6/ transurethral alprostadil (MUSE)


What drug is still in testing that causes desire, tanning, and weight loss? (But also extreme hypertension in women)?



What can you do for someone if their sexual problem is SSRI-induced?

1. reduce the dose
2. switch agents to wellbutrin or remeron
3. just augment with wellbutrin
4. cyproheptadine before sex (antihystamine that also blocks serotonin antagonists)
5. SSRI weekend holiday