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When shading, should you apply light or hard pressure on the surface?

Light, heavier pressure gives poor results


What is two tone shading?

When a single suitable colour is chosen and two sides of the shape are shaded - one slightly darker than the other


What is three tone shading?

When a single suitable colour is chosen and three sides of the shape are shaded - each a different tone than the others


How do you show lighting effect when shading?

By shading in a radial pattern, varying the amount of pressure applied on the material


What are composite drawings?

Drawings that are put together using different types of card


What is the 'Keep Britain Tidy' symbol used for?

It reminds people to place their rubbish in a rubbish bin.


What does the symbol with 'PET' on it mean?

Polythene Terephthalate, a widely used material for packaging.


What does is the symbol with 'PET' on used for?

Reminding the consumers that the product is recyclable


What are the symbols with green arrows used for?

Reminding the consumer that the product can be recycled


What does the fairtrade symbol mean?

It means that the contents of the package has been produced in the Third World and the producer has received a fair and realistic price


What does the Lion symbol mean?

Is displayed when the manufacturer/retailer has agreed to the 'British Toy and Hobby Associations' Code of practise


What are the British and European standards symbols for?

They represent that the product inside has been tested to British and European safety standards


What does the umbrella symbol mean?

To keep the product out of the rain and not to store it in damp conditions


What does the broken wine glass symbol mean?

Suggests that the contents inside a fragile


What does the two hands holding the package symbol mean?

A reminder that the package should be handled with care


What does the symbol with the two arrows pointing up mean?

The product should be stored the right way up


Does 'The Green Dot' symbol mean the packaging is recyclable?

It is a symbol used on packaging in some European countries and signifies that the producer has made a financial contribution towards recycling in Europe.


What does the Mobius Loop indicate?

A product is capable of being recycled