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how is sheila presented as naive and ignorant?

- "very pleased with life" - rose-tinted glass, may connote ignorance to the outside world, protected all her life by capitalist society + father - adverb "very" modifies pleased, heightening ignorance

- naivety reinforced, colloquialisms "mummy" and "daddy" - infantile nature
- contrast end of play - "mother", "I'm not a child, don't forget. I've a right to know", "it's you two who are being childish - trying not to face the facts"


how is sheila presented as open-minded; has a social + moral epiphany?

- how "frightens me the way you talk" when the inspector leaves and says can't listen to "any more of it" - doesn't want to listen to their immoral + unethical behaviour; them completely shrugging off their treatment of Eva

- "what he said, how he looked, and what he made {her} feel" - repeats his words "fire, blood, and anguish" - verb "feel" long lasting experience that will stay with her - contrast to B's who laugh and joke thinking they got away and complain "they cant take a joke".


how is sheila presented as wise/ embodies priestley's message of social responsibility? (SR)

- "but these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people" - much more knowledgeable defends Eva in act 1 - foreshadows subconscious which clearly believes socialism - "people" - reminds they are human beings - is respecting workers' rights, female audience empathise with mistreatment of Eva, mistreatment of women v prevalent

- "so i'm really responsible?" - rhetorical question - understands what inspector is conveying immediately
- "ill never do it again to anybody"
- "im desperately sorry"
- "and i know i'm to blame" - quick to change + accepts guilt and responsibility


how is sheila presented as headstrong + her submissive nature diminished? (SR)

- "I want to understand...I wouldn't miss it for the worlds" - refuses to leave room + remain ignorant

- telling her mother how she "mustn't build up a kind of wall" between them and Eva; she says that "the inspector will break it down" - wants mother to be honest in response to her compliant attitude - "wall" symbolises social class divide, how detached upper classes to SR
- contrast to "is it the one you wanted me to have?" - abiding by what Gerald wants


how is sheila presented as selfish?

- can't help thinking about Eva "destroying herself so horribly" and says "I've been so happy tonight {...} I wish you hadn't told me" - more concerned that suicide has brought the mood of the evening down rather than the reality that a girl has ended her life - only focused on temp happiness
- adverb "horribly" - harsh demise Eva has met, but not enough for sheila to fully sympathise
- the fact that feels sorry for Eva before knowing part in her death - capacity for caring for others

- "I went to the manager and told him this girl had been very impertinent" - she is the reason Eva Smith lost her job
- she continues by saying that if Eva had been a "miserable plain little creature" she would not have complained
- lets her jealousy of Eva's beauty take hold + selfishly takes away Eva's job out of spite

- eventually changes. "hands him the ring" - selflessly gives up the chance for increased wealth